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AirportLink – An Easy Way for Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport

airport link train
Airport Link Train

Calling a cab to the airport is unreliable. I used to spend over 300 Baht for taking taxi to the airport due to a terrible traffic day. I then have never wanted to take a risk for getting to the airport anymore. Recently, for saving time and money, however, the best way for me to get to the airport is using public transportation, BTS sky train and airport rail link.

I don’t care about whoever says that the door of airport link train is noisy when it is shutting, or the train can be very crowded in a rush hour. This is because I spend only 45 Baht to get to the airport, and I will arrive in the airport within just 30 minutes also. I don’t think taxi can make it for me. [Read More]

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Inexpensive Food at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

maagic food point at suvarnbhumi airport
Magic Food Point at Suvarnabhumi Airport

      Every times I went to Suvarnabhumi Airport to wait for the flight and wanted to have a bite, it was hardly to find the cheap one. The restaurant on the 3rd floor seemed too expensive for me. It might not be too expensive for rich visitors, but how about the normal people who don’t want to spend money over 100 baht for a meal like me? Where should I get a cheaper food in the airport?

      After thinking so, I then tried walking around the airport in order to check if there is anything helping to save my cost. Finally, I found a good place to buy regular foods in a reasonable price. It is the food court at gate 8 on the 1st floor of the airport.

      After Getting inside, I bought coupons, and then walked around to find something to eat. At each counter of the food sellers, there were food displays at the front. It was easy for those who had no idea about the appearance of the food.  [Read More]

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