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Touring Chinatown, Golden Buddha and Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Golden Buddha in Trimith Temple

Jan 25, 2013
Hey Jane,

I can’t wait to tell you my stories about to be a tour guide (again). This time, I took my tour group to two temples in Bangkok. They, my tour group, were from Nepal, 24 of them. Most of them looked similar to Thai, although some looked like Indian.

      The first place that I took them to was The Temple of Golden Buddha near Chinatown. Although I had told them about the extraordinary story of the golden Buddha before getting there, when they saw Buddha image some of them asked me to repeat the story and information again and again. Certainly, they were surprised to see 5.5 tons in weight of solid gold Buddha image, which was built over 700 years ago. And it was also recorded by Guinness Book for the largest gold Buddha in the world. Can you imagine the price value of it? It was approximately worth US$ 21.1 million, in 1954.

Sampeng Market, Bangkok Thailand

      After the first temple tour, the tour leader asked me, the tour guide, to drop the group at Chinatown before we had lunch. They were so excited (again!) to see things around and asked me so many questions about the place.  After I showed them the main street of Chinatown, I led them visit a small street called Sampeng. There were many shops sold small gifts and accessories in bulk. I think it was the cheapest market for a wholesale in Bangkok. I let my tour group walk along the small street only one block. Incidentally, three of them lost in the crowded. It takes me a while to search for them. Fortunately, I finally found them, and we then made a move to the restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we took the boat to the Tha Tien Pier for visiting The Temple of Reclining Buddha. I could see that they loved to take the boat even for a short time.

Happy Time On the Boat

      After we got off from the boat, we walked across the street to the temple. I told them that we came to visit one of most important temples of the country, and we would see one of most beautiful reclining Buddha images as well. Before we got inside, I asked if anyone in the group could read the full name of the temple, Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn. I would give a prize for the winner. Unfortunately, nobody could. How about you, Jane? Can you read it?

Making a merit with big smiles

      After we got inside the temple, there had already been a lot of tourists. I bought tickets, a hundred Baht each and handed to them to get in one by one. They could also show the ticket to get a bottle of water. The first spot that we went was the image hall, enshrining a remarkable beautiful Buddha image. We needed to take shoes off, put in a bag provided and carried it when getting in. I was stuck between the people since the first stepped. OMG! It was my tour group blocking the way because of taking photos. I had to tell them immediately to move inside. Actually, almost the end of the passage way, there was a good spot for taking a picture of the whole giant Buddha image. At the sole of Buddha feet, I saw many of tourists took pictures with auspicious signs in Mother of Pearl inlayed design although some of them didn’t know what it was.

Do not block the way, here is a good spot for taking pictures

Morther of Pearl inlayed design on the feet sole

      As soon, we got out from the image hall, I continually led them to the next spot, the pavilion next to the ordination hall where it was kept inscriptions of traditional Thai massages. And the last spot was the statue of hermit priests which showed self-healing by yoga postures.

      I was so much fun with this tour group. They were so nice and friendly. I felt happy when saw them laugh with my joke. In the same time, I miss your loud laugh.

Love you,


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