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Invited to The Delayed Songkarn Day 2012 in Pattaya City

songkran day in pattaya

Apr 15, 2012

Dear diary,

My friend called me to join a delayed Songkran Day in Pattaya. It’s locally called “Wan Lai”-She said it is the tradition in Pattaya to celebrate New Year on Apr 18-20. There are many activities each day, such as pouring the water to the Buddha image, the processions, traditional games and concerts. [Read More]

My First Songkran Festival in Bangkok after Coming Back

songkran  from the car
Children Play Water on Songkran Day – Photo by My Sister

I think Songkran Day is the biggest festival in Thailand. Compared with New Year celebration on January 1, traditional Thai New Year is still be the most popular celebration in Thailand. Not only Thai people have been waiting for playing with water in Songkran Day, but also the foreigners from around the world are coming to enjoy it.

Songkran Day in the past, people always prepared the food to go to temple for making merit in the morning. But today, I saw the kids wake up early to prepare water guns and buckets of water instead. [Read More]

Move Forward to The Future


Apr 12, 2012.

Dear diary,

I miss the place I used to live in San Francisco. Six years there, I think I know San Francisco better than Thailand.  Although I live in Thailand longer than that, it seems I know nothing much about my own country. What a shame! [Read More]

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