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Climb Up to Lawa Cave, Kanchanaburi

Lawa Cave ,Kanchanaburi
Lawa Cave at  Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Nov 24th, 2012

Hey Jane,

Writing to you always make me happy.

Remember? I owe you stories about trip to Lawa Cave after getting out from Dean Maha Mongkol.

My sister and I decided to follow the sign to Lawa Cave even though we knew nothing about it. It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We drove pass an elephant camp where tourists came to get on elephants for riding experience. I will take you here for sure. I want to hear your scream after sitting on an elephant. Haha…just kidding. [Read More]

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Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi

Giant tiger statue at Kanchanaburi
Giant Tiger Statue at Kanchanaburi

If you only have not much time in one day, you might ask where the interesting places to visit in Kanchanaburi are.

One of tourist attractions I recommended is Tiger Temple or Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno. It is located in Sai Yok District, only 37 kilometers from Kanchanaburi city or about half an hour drive.

Last month, I got a chance to take a group of Indian tourists to Tiger Temple. It was the first time for me to get there too. After the driver turned right from the main street to the sign of Tiger Temple, I saw a large tiger statue from faraway as a sign of the temple. Just about 5 kilometers from the main street, we were at the place where we needed to buy tickets. We arrived at almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon, where it was a busy hour. For this reason, it was so crowded that I was stunned from the picture in front of me for a while; vans, cars and private taxis came to drop their tour groups, a lot of tourists walking around and being noisy everywhere. [Read More]

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Travel Around in Kanchanaburi with My Sister

travel at Kanchanaburi
Start Traveling in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Nov 20th, 2012

Hey Jane,

When I start writing the letter about Kanchanaburi trip again, something pop up in my mind.

Do you remember Mill Valley? It is a lovely small town in Marin County which was my favorite place to hang out when I had a day off. You’d never come with me when I asked you to go hiking. You complained that after walking up to the hill the legs will be getting sore in the next day.

I haven’t understood until now. [Read More]

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