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Inexpensive Food at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

maagic food point at suvarnbhumi airport
Magic Food Point at Suvarnabhumi Airport

      Every times I went to Suvarnabhumi Airport to wait for the flight and wanted to have a bite, it was hardly to find the cheap one. The restaurant on the 3rd floor seemed too expensive for me. It might not be too expensive for rich visitors, but how about the normal people who don’t want to spend money over 100 baht for a meal like me? Where should I get a cheaper food in the airport?

      After thinking so, I then tried walking around the airport in order to check if there is anything helping to save my cost. Finally, I found a good place to buy regular foods in a reasonable price. It is the food court at gate 8 on the 1st floor of the airport.

      After Getting inside, I bought coupons, and then walked around to find something to eat. At each counter of the food sellers, there were food displays at the front. It was easy for those who had no idea about the appearance of the food. 

various food choices at airport food court
Various food choices at Magic Food Point

    There are various kinds of foods sold; for example noodle soup, fried noodle, fried rice, rice porridge, Hainanese chicken over rice or anything that I can find in the regular food court in shopping malls outside. The price of food is regular, not over than 60 Baht per dish in general. Moreover, there are many kinds of Thai desserts and also my favorite one, mango with sticky rice.

      Not only Thais know this place, I’ve seen many of tourists come to get food here also. Some of them enjoyed testing and sharing Thai foods together. I saw a group of tourists were talking with mouthful laughing and try to test food of each other.

suvarnabhumi food court atmosphere
Atmosphere of Food Court at Suvarnabhumi Airport

      I got a bowl of noodle soup with meatballs. While I was waiting for food, I saw one of customers complain a seller that her food wasn’t look exactly like the display. I then glanced at her food, (but It seems) nothing’s different. Maybe the color of the displays looked brighter than the real one. Because of the feeling very hungry, I couldn’t wait to check what she got after complaining though.

      They organized tables and clean the place very well. Square white tables are provided for 4 to 6 people. I went there alone, so I decided to sit on the stool chair at the bar table instead. After that, I had a glass of water for free from the drinking water machines. Note that before getting out, I took tissue papers and a toothpick at the coupon counter.

tissues and toothpicks at Magic Food Point
Tissue papers and toothpicks provided

      When getting in the food court, I hadn’t noticed that they sold an ice cream next to the door. Otherwise, I would save some space in my stomach for it. But alright, maybe next time.

      I was happy because this meal cost me only 40 Baht.

      A penny saved is a penny earned.

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