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Go Around Koh Larn Island with A Rented Motorcycle

sea water at ta yi beach
Clear Sea Water at Hat Ta Yai

Nov 15th, 2014

Hey Jane,

Finally, I have time to sit and continue my stories to Koh Larn.

Last time, I started to tell you about the beaches around the island. Let’s me drop that scene a moment because I forgot to tell you how I got around the island after I checked in a small resort. I rented the motorcycle. It was so cheap to pay 250 Baht (about $8 per one day and a half) with full tank gas. This was a fun part that you would love it. I hope you still remember how to ride motorcycle as you did in Cambodia. Motorcycles that I mention here are not a big bike as you seen in San Francisco, but smaller as scooters. You just speed up at the handle, no need gears. Very easy. If you come to Thailand, you will see that motorcycles and scooters have been used all over the country. I wasn’t only ride the scooter to check all beaches, but I also went to the view point on the top of the hill. It was beautiful. A panoramic view of the green hill, beaches and blurry background of Pattaya city made me think of San Francisco again.

In a sunshine day, there are many activities around the island, for instance, riding a boat or offshore snorkeling. There are many one-day trip touring around here. It was pretty busy everywhere. [Read More]

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Koh Larn - A Popular Island Near Bangkok

Hat Tawaen at Koh Larn Pattaya

Nov 7th, 2012.

Hey Jane,

I was thinking, if you come to see me in Thailand I will take you to Koh Larn. Why Koh Larn? You can ask your brother about it, I think this name remind him a lot about Thailand when he was here.

A couple week ago, I went there. It was my first time to go to this well-known island. I heard people had been talking about it since I was young, but I didn’t care about because I thought it, nowadays, might not be as beautiful anymore.

If you were Thai, you would think of anywhere else when you wanted to go to a beautiful beach or island, not here in Pattaya. So, I try thinking out of the box and make myself like a tourist to find out why there are so many tourists in Pattaya [Read More]

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