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Asiatique The Riverfront – Beautifully Exotic Place in Thailand II

Asiatique The Riverfront at night

Because hot weather in Bangkok can make you tired, I think walking along the river at twilight would probably release you from such tiring day. Recently, Asiatique The Riverfront becomes a newest landmark of Bangkok where visitors are fascinated by the sight of Chao Phraya River and a unique style mall. Although it has just been about a year after its grand opening in April 2012, Asiatique now becomes one of popular places for both Thais and foreigners. [Read More]

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Asiatique The Riverfront - Beautifully Exotic Place in Thailand

Asiatique The River Front
Asiatique The River Front, Bangkok

After I got back to Thailand, I thought I could find a place in Bangkok to hangout as same atmosphere as my favorite place, Pier 39 in San Francisco. Last year around July, I remembered after my sister and I got back from her friend’s house, accidentally we found an interesting place on Charoenkrung Road, named Asiatique, “Asiatique The Riverfront” for official name. It was a new wide space mall along Chaopraya River where it decorated in attractive styles. My sister immediately said “Let’s check it!” and made a turn to a parking lots.

Although I wanted to stop her because I thought she was looking for something to eat or wanted to go shopping, I didn’t. After a survey, there were many interesting things here, the large parking lots, a clock tower, buildings which made in warehouse styles, the pathway between many shops on both side of warehouses, art decorations, especially, a large space at riverfront along the river. [Read More]

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