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Asiatique The Riverfront - Beautifully Exotic Place in Thailand

Asiatique The River Front
Asiatique The River Front, Bangkok

After I got back to Thailand, I thought I could find a place in Bangkok to hangout as same atmosphere as my favorite place, Pier 39 in San Francisco. Last year around July, I remembered after my sister and I got back from her friend’s house, accidentally we found an interesting place on Charoenkrung Road, named Asiatique, “Asiatique The Riverfront” for official name. It was a new wide space mall along Chaopraya River where it decorated in attractive styles. My sister immediately said “Let’s check it!” and made a turn to a parking lots.

Although I wanted to stop her because I thought she was looking for something to eat or wanted to go shopping, I didn’t. After a survey, there were many interesting things here, the large parking lots, a clock tower, buildings which made in warehouse styles, the pathway between many shops on both side of warehouses, art decorations, especially, a large space at riverfront along the river.


The Detail of Asiatique Map

      It was around five o’clock in a beautiful sunset. The view in my sight also made me felt breathtaking with the panoramic view of Chao Phraya River in background of skyscrapers. A nice breeze from the river kissed my face. I closed my eye and felt close to the bay area of San Francisco. Here we are, the place that I’m looking for, from the opposite side of the world but same feeling.

My sister and I were so excited while walking around the place. Unlike any shopping malls in Bangkok, these small shops were set on only ground floor. They sold different kinds of products such as boutique clothes, shoes, souvenirs, accessories, toys, health products, home decorations and furniture and more.

The Clock Tower

      We walked around to check the area what it was all about, meanwhile most of Thai people were looking for interesting spots to take pictures. The popular spots were the places where the statues of Chinese immigrants were situated. These statues gave me an expression of life date back to 1900s, the time of colonialism when many Chinese immigrated to Thailand. King Rama V, the leader of the kingdom of Siam at that time, made a decision to be allied with Denmark and also order to establish the Port of East Asiatic Company since then. I thought his vision to open the gateway to western was so great because it was not only for trading to foreign country, but also for ฟัน presenting country’s civilization and modernization to the world.

The Statues of Chinese Workers

      Anyway, one of Chinese statues on the riverfront space had shown two Chinese men were carrying big heavy bags on their back. It probably presented jobs of Chinese workers who were hard-working labors. And the other art works were statues of two men having food. I could imagine from their posts that it was a happy time of them, although they had to work hard.

Then, at last we checked food price and decided to save money by having Yellow Rice with Chicken and soup across the street instead of eating in the Asiatique. Before we headed back home, I said thank you to my sister. She really made my day.

Chao Phraya River Beside Asiatique

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