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Introduction Class of English Language for Guide Speak


Apr 29, 2012

Dear diary,

Today I came to the class so early to study the subject of tour guide which I had been waiting for, Terminology. It was about the technical words or expressions used in a guide field, for instance, vocabularies in architecture and art. During the entire course, I will have to study about tour guide terminology class several times, and its general contents will be mostly about temples, the royal palace, religion, characteristic of Buddha image and so on. Moreover, I also had to learn the architecture concepts, building elements and history of architecture. Will my brain have enough spaces to save them? [Read More]

Invited to The Delayed Songkarn Day 2012 in Pattaya City

songkran day in pattaya

Apr 15, 2012

Dear diary,

My friend called me to join a delayed Songkran Day in Pattaya. It’s locally called “Wan Lai”-She said it is the tradition in Pattaya to celebrate New Year on Apr 18-20. There are many activities each day, such as pouring the water to the Buddha image, the processions, traditional games and concerts. [Read More]

My First Songkran Festival in Bangkok after Coming Back

songkran  from the car
Children Play Water on Songkran Day – Photo by My Sister

I think Songkran Day is the biggest festival in Thailand. Compared with New Year celebration on January 1, traditional Thai New Year is still be the most popular celebration in Thailand. Not only Thai people have been waiting for playing with water in Songkran Day, but also the foreigners from around the world are coming to enjoy it.

Songkran Day in the past, people always prepared the food to go to temple for making merit in the morning. But today, I saw the kids wake up early to prepare water guns and buckets of water instead. [Read More]

Move Forward to The Future


Apr 12, 2012.

Dear diary,

I miss the place I used to live in San Francisco. Six years there, I think I know San Francisco better than Thailand.  Although I live in Thailand longer than that, it seems I know nothing much about my own country. What a shame! [Read More]

Just Realized! To Become A Tour Guide I Need to Know Everything!


Apr 7, 2012

Dear diary,

Do I need to know everything if I were a tour guide?

I just have time to check my study schedule, and I have just noticed that I have to study in different subjects every week. I got to know geography, geology, history, Buddhism, English, Sociology and etc . WOW! How can I remember them all?

I’m very excited to come to class because I feel like back to school again (without wearing uniform). I study from 9 AM to 5 PM, like an office worker. I have 15 mins coffee break twice, in the morning and the afternoon. It is free for hot coffee or hot chocolate. Sometimes I prefer to call it “Wake up time” more than “Break time”. [Read More]

The Same History of Thailand, But Not the Same Me

lintel at a stone sanctuary, thailand
Lintel with narrative relief

Apr 1, 2012.

Dear diary,

Boring History!

I always felt asleep in History class and Buddhism study when I was in high school. I remembered my history-class teachers told us stories about the King of Siam and the battle between Siamese and Burmese. Boys in the class were so excited with the story, but not me. I was not blame to the teacher. I just thought that narrative of history was like a sleeping pill for me. [Read More]

The First Day Of The Tour Guide Class

first day study

Mar 31st, 2012

Dear diary,

      This morning, I had a lot of energy to wake up early morning to get on the van direct to school.

      There were about 45 students in the class, and I liked this class because I was not the oldest one in the class. They all will be my classmate and friends for 6 months. However, I’m pretty quiet in the first day.

      Although there were a few games for helping us know each other, I can remember only some of them.

      So tired today, nite nite.

My Reason to Step in Thailand Tour Guide Program

wat chaiwatthanaram ayutthaya thailand
Wat Chaiwatthanaram, a famous temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Mar 26th, 2012

Dear diary,

      I took the test and the interview for getting in the Tour Guide Program yesterday. It was fine and just made me nervous a little. They, the interviewers, asked me why I wanted to study for this program.

      I didn’t give them a direct answer, but I told them a story of 3 years ago. When I came visiting home with Korean girl friend, she asked me so many questions about Thailand, especially Ayutthaya. She was interested in Ayutthaya histories after reading from a guidebook. She wanted me to take her to Ayutthaya. [Read More]

Another Challenge Needed After I Came Back to Thailand

step out of comfort zone

Mar 21st, 2012

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”
Pamela Vaull Starr

Dear diary,

Two days ago, it was a turning point of my life.

I sat next to my sister while I was thinking what I should do after I had gone from home for 6 years. Sitting on a couch with a mouthful of snacks and watching TV wasn’t me at all. I’ve been working so hard in US. Coming back home to do nothing might be a sweet long vacation for someone. For me, however, home is a comfort zone that seems to be too comfortable, and that’s why I feel like it has no challenge at all. [Read More]

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