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AirportLink – An Easy Way for Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport

airport link train
Airport Link Train

Calling a cab to the airport is unreliable. I used to spend over 300 Baht for taking taxi to the airport due to a terrible traffic day. I then have never wanted to take a risk for getting to the airport anymore. Recently, for saving time and money, however, the best way for me to get to the airport is using public transportation, BTS sky train and airport rail link.

I don’t care about whoever says that the door of airport link train is noisy when it is shutting, or the train can be very crowded in a rush hour. This is because I spend only 45 Baht to get to the airport, and I will arrive in the airport within just 30 minutes also. I don’t think taxi can make it for me.

ticket machine of airport link
45 Baht to Suvarnabhumi Airport Shown on Ticket Machine of Airport Link

Connecting to the BTS sky train is making airport link train even more convenient. From BTS Phayathai station, I walked from the connected passage way to the first station of airport rail train. Nothing complicated to buy a token from the ticket vending machine. The machine is operated via the touch screen. I can just follow the instructing menu step by step. The first step, I select destination, Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which is shown as the last stop on the screen. The screen will then change for me to insert how many tickets I need. Well, because I come here alone, I tap on the sign of 1 person. It then shows the price, 45 Bath, on the right. I just put the money in, and then receive the token and changes. I like that the machine can accept either notes or coins. It makes things easier because I don’t need to get into the queue to change money.

One thing that should be more careful about is to press the right destination spot when buying the ticket from the machine. This is because I almost make a mistake about it once. At that time, I touched on the screen to go to the airport, but the machine read to another place named Lat Krabang instead. Fortunately, I noticed that the price was different from usual. Perhaps, my finger touched in the wrong spot.

airport link token
Airport Link Token (Ticket)

I got the token and use it to tap the entrance gate in order to get inside. I need to keep this token when getting out too. I used to see a guy tap the token at the gate to get in, but he put the token back in the system, oops. I then told him to contact the officer at the counter service. I hope he didn’t need to buy a new one.

At the platform, there is a clock on the TV screen to show the time and also the time left for the following train. Keep in mind that a train, in general, comes every 15 minutes.

In the train of Airport Link, there are 2 long seats facing together in each side of the train, just like BTS. The aisle has enough space to put big luggages, so it would be alright for backpackers to use this train.

phayathai station problem at airport link
The difficulty of carrying large luggage to down stair at Phayathai BTS Station

However, I would like to complain a little after experiencing on carrying my luggage to down stair when getting back to Phayathai BTS Station. The elevator was too small and no escalator for getting down. With my small body, I had to drag my luggage on staircase. I didn’t worry about myself getting in trouble, but I worry that my cheap luggage might be broken because of this.

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