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Climb Up to Lawa Cave, Kanchanaburi

Lawa Cave ,Kanchanaburi
Lawa Cave at  Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Nov 24th, 2012

Hey Jane,

Writing to you always make me happy.

Remember? I owe you stories about trip to Lawa Cave after getting out from Dean Maha Mongkol.

My sister and I decided to follow the sign to Lawa Cave even though we knew nothing about it. It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We drove pass an elephant camp where tourists came to get on elephants for riding experience. I will take you here for sure. I want to hear your scream after sitting on an elephant. Haha…just kidding.

We came to Lawa Cave almost about the closing time. We paid entrance fee for 40 Baht each (200 Baht for foreigner). Surprisingly, The Royal Forest Department officer who sold us the ticket offered to be a tour guide getting inside the cave with us.

At first, we had to climb up the steep stairs (again) to the front of the cave. Yeah, I think it was the reason making me barely walk in the next day.

The cave must be the place that you don’t like the most, I guess. But for us, it is an exciting place like a mystery adventure.

lawa cave kanchanaburi
Another photo of Lawa Cave, Kanchanaburi

The cave was discovered by a hunter about 50 years ago. It was a limestone cave that was pretty big with high ceiling. I felt muggy when walking deep inside.

The guide showed us the animals in the cave, such as a cave scorpion and bats. Actually, I’m not a cave lover, but my sister. She was so excited to ask many questions. There were stalactite and stalagmite which coated with dripped water. The stalactites were the stones from the ceiling pointing out to the ground, and the stalagmites were the one pointing up from the ground. I tried to catch water dripped from the end of the stones, but the officer told us not to touch anything. He explained that fat from the human would be coated on the top of the stone and they would stop growing.

Mostly, he had showed us about the stone created the pictures. It was fun to imagine that they could be the pictures of the bridge, crocodile, frog and etc. The last one that the officer shined the flashlight to was a real animal. It was getting me goose bumps because it was a medium size of snake lying on the top of the ceiling.

preparing to jump into the water
Preparing to jump into the river

swimming in the river, kanchaaburi
Floating along the river, River Kwai, Kanchanaburi

After we got off from the cave and said goodbye to the officer. We walked down to take a look at the rapid water of the River Kwai. A lot of tourists were enjoyable with letting themselves floating along the river. It seemed fun.

I always think of you when I go out or where I could take you to. It would be fun if you were here.

Hopefully, we will get to laugh together again one day.


Love you,


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