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Travel Around in Kanchanaburi with My Sister

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Nov 20th, 2012

Hey Jane,

When I start writing the letter about Kanchanaburi trip again, something pop up in my mind.

Do you remember Mill Valley? It is a lovely small town in Marin County which was my favorite place to hang out when I had a day off. You’d never come with me when I asked you to go hiking. You complained that after walking up to the hill the legs will be getting sore in the next day.

I haven’t understood until now.

mill valley, ca
Still remember Mill Valley in Marin County?

After staying overnight at my dad house, my sister took me to Meditation Center, named Daen Maha Mongkol without saying a word. We drove almost an hour from Kanchanaburi city headed to Thongphaphum district, trying to look for the sign of Daen Maha Mongkol before getting to Saiyoknoi Waterfall. At the entrance, there was a cloth-changing place. We needed to change or cover with white clothes before getting inside. It also couldn’t take any photo in the area.

This place is not for tour but for those who would like to isolate from the busy life outside. After walking across the bridge from the entrance to the meditation area, I felt calm and peaceful. It was a big area where was neat and clean. The purpose of this visiting wasn’t for meditation but for climbing up the stairs to the top of the hill to see the grand stupa up there.

We took the shoes off before started counting step one, two, three…and so on. My sister told me to keep quiet and focus with our mind while we were walking. It is meditations practice that makes our mind stronger.

When I walked up almost the half way, I lost the last count because of a wonderful view in front of me. I was surprised that I could see the whole area. This place was almost completely enclosed by mountains and Kwainoi river. The curve of the river was like a horseshoe shape. When I was looking at the view, the picture of Colorado river popped up in my head, same same but different!

river kwai noi
River Kwai Noi, Kanchanaburi

We took about 45 minutes walking up and rested for a while in the hall. Then we spent 30 minutes getting down. It was a long walk. I thought that it would make me sleep well like a baby at night.

After we left there, we were thinking about the next stop. Suddenly, my sister was excited when seeing the sign of Lawa Cave. She really wanted to go there. And it was the reason why I barely walk in the next day.

While I’m writing this letter to you, my legs still hurt and sore. I’ll tell you next time what happened in the cave. Let’s me take a break and lay my legs in the warm water a while.

Miss you again and again,


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