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One of Most Popular Island in Thailand

Koh Samed Information

Beaches on Eastern Zone (North Part)

Sai Kaew Beach is the most popular beach on the island. Visitors can find white sand beach with beautiful seawater. Shops and activities are also available here.
Ao Phai Beach is another beautiful and popular beach on Koh Samed. Its location is not far from Sai Kaew Beach and activities available for day and night.
Ao Tubtim Beach is a calmly relaxing beach with little of activities. In general, it is a beautiful and quiet beach.
Ao Nual Beach can be a beautiful unseen beach on the island. This small beach is located in the place that difficult to reach by vehicle.
Ao Cho Beach is a medium-length beach. It's quiet and offer just a little of water activities. There is a pier in the middle of the beach.

Beaches on Eastern Zone (South Part)

Ao Vongduan Beach is one of famous beach providing many enjoyable activities and facilities. It can be a convenient place to stay in the middle of the island.
Ao Sangthian Beach is a good place to feel sea view and sea breeze. The beach is not long, but it is as beautiful as the other beaches.
Ao Lung Dam Beach is an interesting beach having a wooden pier as its trademark. Travelers always take a photo with it.
Ao Wai Beach is a peaceful beach offering crystal clear water. Most visitors here are foreigners. From the entrance, visitors need to walk a little to the beach.
Ao Kiew Beach is the beautiful beach located at the narrowest area of the island. Unfortunately, it is currently the location of Paradee Resort.
Ao Pakarang Beach is the farthest beach on the island. It has a small quiet beach. There is a place for snorkeling around the reefs.

Beaches on Western and Northen Zones

Ao Prao Beach is the only beach located on the western side of the island. This beach is beautiful with white sands. It is a good place to see sunset view hear.
Ao Luk Yon Beach is a calmly beach located on the northern are of the island. It's located not far from Nadan Pier. There is an area for camping out with tents.
Ao Klang Beach is another beach on the northern area of the island. The beach here is peaceful with gentle sea breeze.
Ao Noina Beach is the farthest beach on the northen area of Koh Samed. It is as quiet as other beaches in the same area.
Sunset Viewpoint
Near Ao Lung Dam Beach there is a view point for visitors to stop over in order to look at panoramic view in the day time and sunset view in the evening. For more information Sunset Viewpoint
End-Island Viewpoint
At the most southern point of Koh Samed Island, there is a great viewpoint to see beautiful view on both eastern and western side of the island. More information End-Island Viewpoint

Koh Samed is one of most famous travel destinations in Thailand. It is a beautiful island and also not so far from Bangkok, located on Rayong province, the eastern of Thailand. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of travelers visiting the island every day.

Koh Samed island is located not far from the coast, Ban Phe, approximately 6.5 kilometers. The island is quite large - its territory is about 1225 acres, where the forest area is about 80 percent of the territory. Beaches can be visited almost everywhere, especially on the east side of the island.

When traveling at Koh Samed Island, there are many activities for visitors to enjoy. Visitors can ride around the island with a rental motorbike. They can also enjoy water activities such as Banana boats and snorkeling. Parasailing can be a chance to gain exciting experience. Besides, fire show and drinking at bars are night activities that most visitors enjoy.

There are a number of beaches at Koh Samed, where the beaches can be clustered into 3 zones - eastern zone, western zone, and northern zone.

  • Eastern zone - most of beaches on this island located on this zone, including the most popular one - Sai Kaew Beach.
  • Western zone - there is only one beach on this zone, Ao Prao Beach, which is a good place to enjoy sunset view.
  • Northern zone - this is a zone to enjoy calmly breeze and smoothly wave, there are just a few small beaches here. Local residents also live in this area.

On the island, there are two major viewpoints – Sunset Viewpoint and End Island Viewpoint. Although both viewpoints are located quite far from popular area, visitors, compared to the past, can still easily be there. This is because the street has already been developed from dirt road to concrete road.

So, just take a ride for several minutes to get to these two viewpoints (not recommended to visit at night, because there are not many people to use the way at that time).

For those who are concerned about facilities on the island, do not worry about it.There are a number of shops, restaurants and resorts in Koh Samed Island, especially near popular area such as Nadan Pier and Sai Kaew Beach.

There are three Seven Eleven, prompted to make your comfortable 24 hours 7 days a week. Note that, those who stay quite far from Sai Kaew Beach or Vongduan Beach will have just one or two shops at that area.

In the case of restaurants, resorts usually have their own restaurant, so it is quite comfortable for their customers to have a meal. Though, restaurants of the resorts also welcome those who just come by for eating purpose as well. It means that visitors can eat any where they want. At night, there are also bars available many places on the island.

Nadan Pier is the main ferry pier at Koh Samed. Most of visitors coming from a pier from Ban Phe will usually arrive at this pier. Then, they will get a Baht Bus (Songthaew) to the beach they would like to go. Note that, visitors who arriving at this pier will have to pay service fee about 20 Baht before getting out of the pier.

Koh Samed Transportation

This is for proving information about how to go to Koh Samed and How to get around Koh Samed. If you have never been at Koh Samed before, you should have a look at the information. It will help you plan your trip and understand timetable of ferry boats to Koh Samed. Read More Koh Samed Transportation

Koh Samed Accommodation

There are a wide range of resorts available on Koh Samed Island - not expensive bungalows, high class resort, sea view room or a convenient accommodation near shops. It depends on your choice to choose a place stay. So, if you are looking for a room to stay on Koh Samed, have a look at Koh Samed Accommodation

Koh Samed Restarants

When traveling around the island, you will find a lot of restaurants to choose. However, visitors are usually concerned about which restaurant to choose, which ones are recommended, which ones are not too expensive. If you are looking for famous restaurant on the island, have a look at Koh Samed Restaurants.

Map of Koh Samed, Rayong, Thailand

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