Information for Traveling Pattaya Thailand

Information for Traveling Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is one of famous places in Chonburi province, Thailand. Different sorts of traveling places locate in and around this city. Entertainments, activities and shopping can also be found easily. Furthermore, Pattaya dental clinic, Pattaya Spa, and Pattaya Hotel also offer customers high quality. In other words, Pattaya is just like Bangkok, where travelers can find facilities everywhere, but the travelers can also enjoy and experience the natural places such as the Pattaya beach, Tiger zoo, Pattaya Floating Market, Pattaya Elephant Village, and so on. (Sattahip, Bangsaen and Ko Sichang has been added to support visitors who would like to visit naval beaches.)
pattaya city
Pattaya City - Information about Pattaya City would be essential for both visitors planning to go to Pattaya and new comers who are currently in Pattaya but do not know much about the city. This section explains how areas of Pattaya city are divided so that when visitors coming to Pattaya, they will understand where to go. Main Streets in Pattaya City are also explained in order to support visitors to understand which way is suitable for their destinations.
pattaya city map
Pattaya Map - Knowing the locations of major places in Pattaya, in particular shopping centers, will be really helpful. This will also prevent you from getting lost in the city.
pattaya attraction big buddha
Well, the nightlife of Pattaya is really renowned, since there are a variety of night entertainments available throughout this city, especially Pattaya Walking Street. It is only one city in Thailand that awake at night rather than the day time. The information of nightlife section will tell you about what types of bars and night clubs available in the city. From the information you will also know suggestions that help you to understand what to do and what not. Apart from that, there are summary of recommended locations to enjoy nightlife in this city.

Another thing that you might be interested in is the directory of Pattaya Nightlife . It provides brief information and images of many places for nightlife.
pattaya nightlife
Pattaya Attractions - If you are looking for most recommended tourist attractions in Pattaya, approximately 50 places to see, this section should be able to satisfy you well as not only there is information provided, but there are also a large number of images of each interesting place. Almost all of such places to visit also offer their maps in order to help you know where to see them. There are only natural or cultural attractions presented, but not nightlife ones.
koh larn pattaya   Pattaya Walking Street atmosphere  
Koh Larn Pattaya is a coral island near Pattaya City. Everyday tourists visit its beautiful beaches and see panoramic views from the island hills.   Pattaya Walking Street is one of most tourist attractions, where a number of visitors have listed the street as the place to be in Pattaya.  
pattaya beach under umbrella Pattaya Beach is one major point that makes visitors enjoy Pattaya. Although Bangkok is a great tourist place, it does not have the beach, and Pattaya Beach is the closest beach in the city that offer all of facility towards visitors.
shops in pattaya Pattaya Shopping is one activity that visitors often ask for. Therefore, the information for those who like to shop in Pattaya is provided in this section. There are information of shopping centers in Pattaya, Pattaya Night Markets and stalls market, Pattaya Floating Market, and suggestions for efficiently and safely shopping in Pattaya. Directory of Where to Shop in Pattaya is also provided.
Pattaya Pictures
There are a number interesting places for visitors to see in Pattaya, including nightlife and the beach. There are photos of activities in Pattaya provided in this section.
pattaya pictures mixed
pattaya picture walking
Pattaya Transportation
Visitors are often concerned about how to go to Pattaya and get around the city. This section will explain how to visit Pattaya by available options so that the concern will be lessened. It is quite easy to go to Pattaya from Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport after all. In the case of traveling around Pattaya, the information will give you a light about the transport services in Pattaya City.
Pattaya Restaurants
Are you looking for what to eat in Pattaya? If yes, this section can give you some ideas about this because there are information and images of a number of recommended restaurants in and around Pattaya City. You, for examples, will have more idea about which restaurants are romantic, which are good for sea food dishes, and which ones are easy to find as they are located in the city. Just some ideas, not all of the Pattaya restaurants though.
fried ice-cream at pattaya
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