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Pattaya Walking Street is the most famous place in Pattaya city. There is a variety of night entertainments in Walking Street. Since there are a number of foreign people visiting this street, it is seen like an Pattaya International Meeting Street. This Walking Street locates from Beach Road of south Pattaya to the Bali-Hi Pier. There is a large sign of Pattaya Walking Street at the entrance connecting to Beach road. Although this street is called Walking Street, it is not free of vehicles 24 hours. At the day time, this street is used for transportation in Pattaya, whereas at the night time (approximately 18.00 – 02.00), this street is closed from vehicles and changed to another street expressing a completely different atmosphere, with an amount of colored neon signage. However, in the case that visitors come to Walking Street by a vehicle, they can park their vehicles at the Bali-Hi end.

Pattaya Walking Street is, as you could imagine, a place consisting a plenty of Beer-bars, go-go bars, strip pubs, night clubs, discotheques, massage parlours, and restaurants. Once you walk through this street, you would know that this street is just as a party zone with a huge crowd, friendly girls, and lady boys. Furthermore, there are also mini-shows on the streets every night, such as a person dressing and acting as Jack Sparrow from the Pirate of The Caribbean and soccer-players lifting a ball in different actions. However, the shows are performed from different performers, depending on performers who want to play a show.

The Entrance of Pattaya Walking Street with a large LED Screen
The Entrance of Pattaya Walking Street
Pubs, restaurants, street shows, shops, and visitors from different nations are atmosphere of Pattaya Walking Street. a set of images about them are presented above, where the larger size of each image in this image gallery can be seen by clicking on it. As an image worth a thousand words, we hope that the image gallery will be able to help you know how Pattaya Walking Street looks like.
pattaya walking street map small
Pattaya Walking Street Map

       Pattaya Walking Street Map


As you can see in the map of Pattaya Walking Street, the main entrance of the Walking Street is at the connection between Pattaya Beach Road and South Pattaya Road, while the other entrance, on the opposite side, is connecting to Bali Hai Pattaya. Pattaya Walking Street is near 2 major department stores - The Pattaya Tuk Com IT Center and Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya. Keep in mind that Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road, paralleling the Beach Road, are one-way street as you can see arrows indicating direction in the map.

Note that to view a larger map you can click on Pattaya Walking Street Map and there is a map presenting places in the Walking Street at the section below. Additionally, if you need to see overall Pattaya City, see Instant Pattaya city map, or Pattaya Map page for more information.

However, because there are a number of people on Pattaya Walking Street, visitors should be careful about their wallet or purse. It is unusual to have pickpockets in any busy place. Another thing is that visitors should clearly communicate with others, including taxis and staffs from entertaining places, for what will be charged and what will not, since clear communication could avoid any problems from misunderstandings. In the case of something unpleasant happen, visitors should contact to the tourist police immediately.
Car parks near walking street
Those who do not know much about Pattaya Walking Street are usually concerned about where to park their vehicle when coming to look around this international meeting steet or visit a club in the street. However, they are in fact easy to find since there are two car parks situated near the entrance of Pattaya Walking Street on the Bali Hai side. One is in between the blue building and MiXX Discotheque , while the other one is at about 100 meters from MiXX . Note that visitors need to pay for parking their own car, approximately 40 - 80 baht depending on place and how long they want to park the car.
The Interactive Map of Pattaya Walking Street

You can also have a look at what are inside Pattaya walking street with the interactive map below. Once you click on the icon of a place, you will be able to see how that place look like. Another good thing is that the information could present as walking street map 2011 because we just collected the information for the map in August 2011. Note that there are almost (not all) places in this street, but we will try to develop the information over times.

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Well Known Night Clubs in Pattaya Walking Street

club abyzz pattaya

The ABYZZ Club is new club, established early 2011. The club aims to target western visitors, and it offers a variety of activities. There are great music, sound mixture by DJs, a 24 gym, swimming pool, bars, Thai boxing, and so on. Of course, you can also find dancing girls in this complex entertainment. This ABYZZ club is located at Pattaya Walking Street, near Pattaya Soi 16.

dollhouse pattaya
Doll House

Doll House Pattaya is a long bar under the Marine Disco. There are dancing girls almost every area where visitors sit on. In the area of the Doll House, there are also several beer bars, and Muay Thai Boxing to attract more customers. Prices in this long bar is just normal, not as expensive as some other places. The location of Doll House is at about the middle of walking street so it would not be difficult for you to find.

pattaya insomnia club

Club Insomnia Pattaya is an entertainment complex that has gained its reputation a lot in recent years. There are great music, strong sound, advanced effect, and high experienced DJs in the clubs. To have a relaxing night in Pattaya, This club could well deliver you. Additionally, the price is not too high to enjoy the club, and the staffs are professional and friendly. VIP areas are also provided for those who like to enjoy the party privately. The club is about the middle of Pattaya Walking Street so it would not be difficult for you to find it. (See More Detail of Club Insomnia Pattaya)

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lucifer disco pattaya walking street
Lucifer Disco

Lucifer Disko Pattaya is one of most famous night places because of its activities provided and the interior. This disco offers music mixed by famous DJs, international live bands, and shows, so you can find an exciting night at this place whenever you visit. You would easily notice the Lucifer as Its sign has often been used in the walking Street images. The location of Lucifer is in between Soi 15 and Soi BJ, but on the right hand side if you come from the side of Pattaya Beach. (See More Detail of Lucifer Disko Tk Pattaya)

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marine disco pattaya
Marine Disco

Pattaya Marine Disco has been in Walking Street for decades. Its reputation is really great. The club offers excellent sound and music, great atmosphere, and interesting programs. The decoration of the club is also fascinating enough to impress visitors. Not surprisingly, the club is usually full of visitors. It is easy to find marine disco in Walking Street because it is just above Dollhouse, one of longest bars in the street. (See More Detail of Marine Disco)

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the mixx club pattaya

At the entrance of Pattaya Walking Street on the Bali-Hai Side, There is a night club, called The MiXX Club. Mant visitors recommend this as a must be place at night. The club is divided into two areas. Rouge Club is for presenting visitors loving R&B and hip hop music. On the other hand, the other area is The Crystal Palace, which offer modern effect to perform progressive music. There are also beautiful dancing girls and professional DJs to make the club fun throughout the night. The club opens from 21.00 until morning. (See More Detail of MiXX Discotheque Pattaya)

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new living dolls 1
New Living Dolls 1

New Living Dolls 1 is one of best go go bars in Pattaya Walking Street. On the main stage, you can find hottest girl dances on the main stage where the stage is a bit lower than usual, and your seats are also set very close to the stage in order to make great views. Most of the girls are topless, so you will sure have eyes candy right away. Prices are not more expensive than the other, so do not worry about that. The club is on the right hand side of the walking street.

peppermint go go bar

Pattaya Peppermint Go-Go Bar was located on the second floor in the marine disco zone, but it has been moved to downstairs and smaller. Though, the club seems to be more easily to be found, and it is still great and able to get a lot of customers in as always. There are attractive, friendly, and funny ladies in the club. Atmosphere at Peppermint is definitely great, while the price is also standard. You could find this club in the middle of Walking Street.

Rolling Stone Bar 2
Rolling Stone Bar 2

Rolling Stone Bar 2 is one of most noticeable bars in the street since there is a large guitar sign above the bar. There are great live bands performing in the bar to deliver customers enjoyments. Another thing quite different from many bars in the street is Rolling Stone Bar 2 the bar open all night all day. This would also be an interesting bar for anyone. You can find the bar next to Soi 16 in this Walking Street.

Roxy Go Go Club
Roxy Go Go Club

Without any doubt, Roxy is one of popular go go clubs in Pattaya Walking Street. This is because there are great music, interesting shows, and attractive girls inside. There are approximately 50 girl dancers to make the party atmosphere and relaxed environment. Sometimes, the there are special deals from the club as well. Addition to all of those points, the roxy's staffs are friendly, and there are no charge for entering the club. Roxy A Go Go is in the middle of Walking Street, near Insomnia Club.

shark bar and club pattaya
Shark Bar and Club

If you have been in Walking Street before, you would have seen a large shark sign beside the street. That is the noticeable sign of The Shark Bar & Club Pattaya, which is a popolar Go Go bar in Pattaya . In The Shark, you can find a table dancing style with a lot of go-go girls – the girls move around from table to table after a few songs. The Shark bar & club opens from 20.00 until 02:00. The location of it is in Walking Street, at Soi 15 and the second floor of Soi Diamond.

silver star go go club 3
Silver Star Go Go 3

Siver Star A Go Go 3 is the first go-go bar you will find when walking from the entrance of walking street on the beach side, approximately a hundred meters. At the front of this go-go club, there is the main stage, which different sets of topless dancing girls will be on. On the other hand, at the back of Silver Star 3, there are Jacuzzi shows. This is just like a different zone for visitors to select. Silver Star 3 opens from 20.00 until late night as common other night clubs in Pattaya Walking Street.

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