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Essential information before coming to Pattaya

Introduction of Pattaya Travel

The term of Pattaya travel is cover large information. A group of people might look for Pattaya attractions and what to shop in Pattaya, while another group might want to know how to go to Pattaya, how to travel around there, or other necessary information to stay in Pattaya. So, several sections related to Pattaya travel are provided. Look at the list of such sections below:
  • Location of Pattaya in Thailand
  • Transportation to Pattaya
  • Transportation around Pattaya
  • Useful and emergency contacts
  • Mobile phone and SIM card

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  • * Note that this page will provide only summary information, but there will be a link for additional information if that topic consist a large detail.

    Location of Pattaya in Thailand

    Because Pattaya is not far from Bangkok, only approximately 1.40 hours by car, a number of visitors would like to get there. In addition, there is a great opportunity to enjoy the sea, where Bangkok is unable to deliver, so some visitors even prefer to stay in Pattaya, and go to Bangkok for just a trip.
    Thailand - Bangkok to Pattaya
    Location of Bangkok and Pattaya
    A is Bangkok
    B is Pattaya
    Bangkok to Pattaya
    Bangkok to Pattaya
    A is Bangkok
    B is Pattaya
    Suvarnbhumi Airport to Bangklok
    Suvarnbhumi Airport to Pattaya
    A is Suvarnbhumi Airport
    B is Pattaya

    Transportation to Pattaya

    It is not difficult to get to Pattaya from Bangkok. There are public buses provided for visitors – every half an hour from Bangkok (at Ekkamai station or Mochit 2). Another option is to hire a metered taxi to go to Pattaya, which is faster but also more expensive. Train can also be used by visitors to get to Pattaya, where they need to catch a train at Haulampong, but keep in mind that it is needed to get up early because there is only one train a day to go to Pattaya at 06.55. In the airplane case, unfortunately there is no domestic flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport to get to Pattaya. Visitors can also read Transportation to Pattaya for getting more detail.

    However, if visitors go to Pattaya for the first time, visitors might be worried about how to get to the targeted hotel. In this case, before coming to Pattaya or Thailand, visitors should ask if the hotel can offer a service that can pick you up to the hotel, where this is commonly provided from Hotels in Pattaya, but visitor will also be charted a bit more.
    Bangkok Pattaya Bus

    Transportation around Pattaya

    Pattaya Song Taew
    Visitors also need to know that Pattaya public transport is a special car, called Song Taew (or Baht bus). These Song Taews always circle around Pattaya, so visitors can get this type of transport to travel in Pattaya City. It is 10 Baht per person, but be careful if you ask an empty Song Taew to go to a specific place, the driver might understand that you hire him to take you there, which will cost you more than 100 Baht, so visitors need to make clear that they want to get to a destination in a common way. Motobike taxis are also a popular option in Pattaya, which is very fast to go to anywhere in the city but it is needed to pay more. Understanding the structure of main Pattaya roads is also necessary, so you might need to read transportation around Pattaya.

    Useful and emergency contacts

    Useful and emergency contacts such as tourist information, tourist police and so on, are essential for visitors to memorize before coming Pattaya because we don't know what will happen accidentailly.

      Name   Contact
      Pattaya City Call Centre   Tel: 1337, then press 9
      Pattaya Tourist Police   +66(0)-3842-9371
      Pattaya Highway Police   +66(0)-3842-5440
      Pattaya Police Station    +66(0)-3842-9325
      Banglamung Police Station   +66(0)-3822-1800
      TAT Regional Office   +66(0)-3842-8750
     Name  Contact
     Banglamung Hospital (public)  +66(0)-3842-9244
     Bangkok Hospital Pattaya   +66(0)-3825-9999
     Pattaya International Hospital  +66(0)-3842-8374
     Pattaya Memorial Hospital  +66(0)-3848-8777

    Note that to give police a call foreigners should call to tourist polices because they can speak English well. Also remember that there are a lot of patients in public the hospital so it would be better to go to private one in emergency case, though you need to pay more. Also, you can find other useful numbers at useful-and-emergency contacts in Pattaya.

    Mobile phone and SIM card

    To use mobile phone in Thailand is as easy as other countries. Any GSM mobile phones can be used in Thailand, so if you have a GSM mobile, you can use that one for sure. But what you need to be aware is that which mobile service provider you want to use. If your provider from you country can offer international roaming, you can ask them to use it so that you can use the same number to keep touch with your friends (but you probably have to pay more for this service). In the case of Thai mobile network providers, there are three major players – AIS, DTAC, and True Move. Briefly pros and cons are provided in the table on the right side.

    Mobile Network Providers in Thailand
    Providers Signal Price
      AIS Strongest Most expensive
      DTAC Middle Middle
      True Move Weak (sometimes) Cheapest
           * Price is common, but not all the time.
    Note that before changing network provider for your mobile phone, you need to check if whether is locked or not. If yes, you can ask your provider to unlock it before you come here, or you can just go to any mobile shop in Pattaya to unlock it (do not worries because it is inexpensive). Another thing is that Pattaya has a strong mobile signal, so you can choose any provider in the case that you will not go to any absolutely rural areas. (You can read a full detail of Mobile phone and SIM card in Pattaya, if you think you need)
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