Pattaya Transportation

How to get there and travel around there

Introduction of Transportation of Pattaya

In the case that you have no idea about Pattaya transportation, this section would provide useful information of Pattaya transportation for you. However, scope of the transportation is unclear. Different visitors might want to know different meaning of Pattaya transportation - how to get to Pattaya, how to get around Pattaya, and how to do for private transportation, for examples.

Since the transportation alone seem to be vague, the transportation is then divided into three sub sections – Transportation to Pattaya, Transportation around Pattaya, and Private Transportation. Select sub section below in order to get your information that you need. The information of going from Pattaya to Bangkok and Pattaya Public Bus Terminal have also been updated.
Going to Pattaya Getting around Pattaya private transportation at Pattaya

Transportation to Pattaya

This will provide types of transportation from any places, including Bangkok, to Pattaya. Basically, you can get to Pattaya by metered Taxi, Bus, Train, and air plane... read more

Transportation around Pattaya

If you have a question about how to get around Pattaya, this section would be a right choice. Songtaew (Baht bus) and motocycle taxis are major vehicles to get around Pattaya... read more

Private Transportation in Pattaya

In the case that you are looking for the information about private transportation, this section about the fundamental information, including driver license... read more
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