Chonburi Province

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Overall information of Chonburi Province

สัญลักษณ์ จังหวัดชลบุรี
Chonburi old city

History ( Source in Thai:
There were people living in the area of Chonburi in the present since pre-historical period. Although there is not much evidence, stone axes, beads and potteries found here are produced in the very old style, use rope to make the patterns of the objects. These objects are the evidence to inform that there were human from Stone Age living here. These objects were found at Phanomdee Suburb, Phanatnikhom District, 1979.

In historical period, the name of Chonburi was recorded from Dhavaravati period, Khmer period, and Sukhothai period. The names of Chonburi important suburbs were mention, such as Bangsai, Bangphrarua (currently known as just Bangphra), and Banglamung. Chonburi at that time were just an ordinary area, which fishermen and gardeners are living in. However, in Ayutthaya period, Chonburi was promoted from just a city to a city port, called Sriphalo. This city port was used for trade with people from other towns. When, the river become too shallow, which is not suitable for a port, then the port was moved from Sriphalo to Bangprasoi, the center of Chonburi City in the present.

chonburi fc logo
Chonburi Football Club (Chonburi FC) is a soccer team of Chonburi province, which is also recognized as one of top teams in Thailand. It was also praised as an excellent example of soccer team supported a great number of fans.

Chonburi is Bangkok's nearest seaside town. Local people call it "Muang Chon" in short, and this means Chon City. It is strategically located in the Thailand Gulf off the East coast. This area is quite beautiful and comprises of great beaches, regional delicacies, local traditions and fresh seafood. People in this area also do some farming and some of the crops in this area include cassava, sugarcane and rubber trees. Eastern Seaboard Development Project is also located here, so there are also some industrial activities such as fish villages and golf courses.

This destination is famous among most of the natives in Bangkok and many of them would actually go there when looking to run away from their heavy schedules. The main attraction in this area is the Pattaya beach town. This is highly regarded in Asia as one of the premier beach resorts. Indeed, it is frequented by couples, families and individuals looking to enjoy some peace and quiet. Visitors who visit Pattaya and Chonburi are assured of getting good accommodation in the form of luxurious beach resorts or simple guest houses.

Chonburi is a moderate province where its area is divided into 11 districts as follows:

1. Muang District (Chonburi City) 7. Sriracha District
2. Banbueng District 8. Ko Sichang District
3. Nongyai District 9. Sattahip District
4. Banglamung District (Pattaya) 10. Bo Thong District
5. Phanthong District 11. Koh Chan District
6. Phanatnikhom District  

Chonburi City is the center area where a number of local residences go to shop or participate in events. There are several major department stores, including Central Plaza Chonburi – the most popular shopping center in the city. Besides, the city is also a center of government offices, hospitals, public and private schools as well as a few universities. Amata Nakorn Industrial plant is also located at Muang district, so it is also a busy city in Thailand. Rayong province, another tourist destination in the east of Thailand, can also be easily accessed from Chonburi.

In the present, the density of businesses in Chonburi City is extended steadily. There are a number of modern buildings and condos introduced near Angsila Suburb. This area is known locally as "a new city of Chonburi". From the area, it is also easy to access to department stores, parks, shops and the soccer club named Chonburi FC.

The Province of Chonburi

The Major Areas in The Province of Chonburi


Chonburi city is just like a combining area between seaside town, old city, street markets, government office center, shopping places and industrial landscape. People around the province come here for different purposes, but mostly shopping in a major department store and get to do something at a government office. Amata Nakorn , one of very large industrial area in Thailand located in the area of Chonburi city, is a main player to bring business people and workers from different places, including foreigners, come to visit chonburi.
Bangsaen Another most popular tourist attraction in Chonburi is Bangsaen Beach, located in between Chonburi city and Pattaya. It gets many visitors each year and they come to enjoy the sea breeze considering it is just one hour from Bangkok. You can also enjoy another quiet beach nearby, named Wonnapha beach, just a walk away from Bangsaen Beach. Additionaly, there are many great night clubs where one can go and have some fun till late nights.

Pattaya stands out as a beautiful tourist destination in Thailand. It is known to attract a good number of tourists every year. Many of enjoy sampling the night life, water sports, golf courses, diving experiences in Naklua or Jomtien beach. This area is also known for the great restaurants, zoos and cabaret shows. This is an ideal spot to go for a holiday. It is located around less than 2 hours away from Bangkok. You can either choose to do a day trip or go for an extended stay.
Sattahip is an interesting district you can visit when in Chonburi. It is located next to Banglamung District, also known as Pattaya. It has several naval bases since most of the territory is next to the sea. Most of the tourist attractions in this particular area are under the Thai navy. By under Thai navy management, these beaches are some of the cleanest beaches in the Thailand. Any time you visit Chonburi, make a point of going to Sattahip because it is quite breathtaking. This is also where the U- Tapao Airport is located.
เกาะล้าน ชลบุรี
There are two famous islands in Chonburi, Koh Larn and Ko Sichang. Both are very popular for visitors, although they have different atmosphere to present. Koh Larn’s Beaches are very beautiful, white sandy, and clear. Koh Larn is situated near Pattaya City, and visitors can see the island from Pattaya Beach. However, beaches on Koh Larn are significant more encourage visitors to enjoy seawater than Pattaya Beach because they are very beautiful, white sandy, and crystal-clear water. Opposite to Koh Sichang, instead of beautiful beaches, a number of tourist come to the island for enjoying natural places and building architectures. Its location is close to Sriracha district, about 30 kilometers from Chonburi City.
Sriracha is an industrial zone found in Thailand. It has some manufacturing industries as well as shipping industries, supported by the port of Laem Chabang, counted among top 20 the largest in the world and . As this district is surrounded by Chonburi, Pattaya and Laem Chabang, it is a kind of convenient for transportation. Popularity, especially workers, in this district becomes more and more due to Eastern Seaboard Development Project, which is considered as the second fastest growing zones in Thailand in terms of wealth and population. With strong industrial infrastructure and a very large shipping port, Sriracha become economic zone and major hub for import-export in Thailand
เกาะสีชัง ชลบุรี
Additional Info
When looking to move around in Chonburi, you can make use of the local buses. These may be a bit tricky for foreigners since one needs to know a bit about the bus routes. The natives in Chonburi, except in Pattaya, are not that good when it comes to communicating in English, so this may make it harder to get information. It is good to get the information before the visit or find a translator to help you around.
So far, we have covered all the major spots found in Chonburi. We can now have a look at the countryside and see what it has to offer. Rural area in chonburi is where you can head to when looking not only to refreshing your life with natural atmosphere but also to run away from all the noise and pollution that is a characteristic of the urban areas. This may be a challenge for someone who is used to the city life. However, with time they learn how to appreciate the simplicity that it offers and the relationships it fosters.
เช่าจักรยาน มอเตอร์ไซต์ ที่บางแสน


To get to Chonburi from Bangkok is really easy because visitors can get there by just drive along Sukhumvit road, and there are also many buses and mini bus ready to serviced those who would like to go to Chonburi with public transport. In the case travelling around Chonburi, there are public buses and Songthaew (Bahtbus) serviced all over the province. However, visitors need to get information about the bus before getting in for avoid getting lost and travel efficiently. Read More How to Get to Chonburi, from Bangkok.

Identical Traditions in Chonburi Province

Chonburi Buffalo Race
This celebration has been there for quite a long period. The Nong Yai and Ban Bueng districts also take part in the celebration and the main aim is to celebrate the buffalo. The animals are well dressed according to the imaginations of the natives. They are then assembled in a courtyard where they are then allowed to race. This is meant to gauge how fit they are while at the same time it acts as a beauty contest.
The Festival of Ko Phra Sai
This is a festival done natives. It was initially known as Nfan Thambun Wan Lai and it involved gathering people from the different villages to celebrate the New Year in the Thai calendar also known as Songkran Festival. It is done from 16-17 April and monks come from all Saen Suk temples to run the religious ceremonies. It involves food offerings, merit making and bathing ceremony. Other activities include sports, pagoda making, local games and water splashing.
Kong Khao and Songkran Festivals
This ancient festival is enjoyed by the Chonburi locals. It is well preserved in the Si Racha district where it is celebrated every year between 19-21 April. The natives gather to worship the local gods who protect them all through the year. They organize processions that are led by elderly people with different Thai costumes. There are also some spirit offering ceremonies, local games, demonstrations, Kong Khao traditional demonstration as well as local foods.
Basket Work By Phanat Nikom
The days set aside for this particular ceremony are Friday through to Sunday during week one of May in 6th lunar month on the Thai calendar month. This celebration has been passed down the generations and the local natives observe them annually. The local natives basically bring food to the monks who offer it to guardian spirits to get protection from deceased relatives, evil spirits, enemies and also request the gods to grant them good rains and abundant food. Once the religious ceremony is completed, lunch is provided and there are demonstrations basketry skills.
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