Pattaya Nightlife

As most visitors know, Pattaya is a city offering various kinds of entertainments, but night entertainment is definitely the majority. So, there are also a variety of enjoyments from Pattaya nightlife toward visitors, such as beer bars, night clubs, a go go, and so on. Once visitors are in Pattaya, they will find out that almost everywhere in Pattaya city offers night entertainment. However, the majority of those are at Beach Road and Pattaya Walking Street.

The following is a list of information and galleries of places for nightlife. (In the case that you are looking for general tourist attractions rather than places for enjoying nightlife, visit Places to see in Pattaya. )

List of Pattaya Nightlife

Whenever the topic of Pattaya nightclub is involved, Pattaya Differ Pub is often mentioned, especially for Thai visitors. This is because Differ can deliver enjoyments towards customers, where visitor can find exciting music inside, the atmosphere of crowded environment, attractive modern decoration. Differ Pub usually get packed after 11 p.m. The location of Differ Pub is near North Pattaya Big C.
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The Living Bistro & Bar is one of interesting bar & restaurants in Pattaya. Its decoration is great enough to present attractive atmosphere. There are acoustic live bands performing everyday and music provided by DJ for non-showing time. Customers can taste different types of food, mainly Thai-Chinese dishes, and, in general, the price is not too cheap, not too expensive. Those who are soccer fans can enjoy it from the super large screen provided. The location of this restaurant is next to North Pattaya Road.
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Cafe De Beach is one of very popular pub and restaurant in Jomtien, Pattaya. Tons of visitors give recommend newcomers to try at least once when coming to Pattaya. Its decoration and well set up can help to provide the beach-restaurant atmosphere. This has been supervised by the owner himself to make sure that customers will enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant. You can also enjoy a range of food and drink choices, including cocktails. Another great point for this restaurant is the price is not expensive as well. This is a reason why it can be seen as a great restaurant in Jomtien, recently.
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After the project of Barzia Club was lunched for just a little while, Pattaya Dragon officially lunched another project, called Sor Por Chor on 22 July 2011. It is a relaxing pub and restaurant, which is designed differently by ancient style. The pub offer open-air style so that customers can feel more relaxed. It is not difficult to Find Sor Por Chor Pub and Restaurant because The club is just in Soi Pattaya Dragon, near Soi 6.
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NAB Men Club Pattaya, NAB, is one of gay coyote night clubs in Pattaya. When NAB was established, it was designed to be a pretty large place so that visitors will be more comfortable. VIP visitors will have seats upstairs as NAB has managed it as a VIP space, but definitely it will cost more. On weekend, there are a number of visitors going to NAB. Note that it is usually packed after midnight, and before midnight NAB is not so popular. The location of NAB is in Pattaya Beach Soi 6 (approximately the middle of North Pattaya Road and Central Pattaya Road).
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Click Pub is another new and interesting pub in Pattaya. The atmosphere in this pub covers both soft music style and R&B style. This will be able to interest more customers to enjoy the pub. Its decoration is also great and clean enough for those who pass by might want to check it out. Activities and Promotion are also offered time to times to boost its reputation. The pub opens from early night till late night, where its location is not so far from Central Pattaya.
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MiXX Discotheque is still one of popular night places for both Thai and foreign visitors. With full of entertaining atmosphere from combined energetic environment and exciting sound mixed by DJs, visitors can enjoy every minute. This is why many visitors recommend this as a must be place at night. The club opens from 21.00 until morning, and it is located near the entrance of Pattaya Walking Street on the Bali-Hai Side.
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Insomnia Club Pattaya is an entertainment complex that has gained its reputation a lot in recent years. There are great music, strong sound, advanced effect, and high experienced DJs in the clubs. To have a relaxing night in Pattaya, This club could well deliver you. Additionally, the price is not too high to enjoy the club, and the staffs are professional and friendly. VIP areas are also provided for those who like to enjoy the party privately. The club is about the middle of Pattaya Walking Street so it would not be difficult for you to find it.
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Lucifer Disko Pattaya is one of most famous night places because of its activities provided and the interior. This disco offers music mixed by famous DJs, international live bands, and shows, so you can find an exciting night at this place whenever you visit. You would easily notice the Lucifer as Its sign has often been used in the walking Street images. The location of Lucifer is in between Soi 15 and Soi BJ, on the right hand side if you come from the beach.
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Pattaya Marine Disco has been in Walking Street for decades. Its reputation is really great. The club offers excellent sound and music, great atmosphere, and interesting programs. The decoration of the club is also fascinating enough to impress visitors. Not surprisingly, the club is usually full of visitors. It is easy to find marine disco in Walking Street because it is just above Dollhouse, one of longest bars in the street.
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Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya
Those who love exciting music and international foods would also love Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya as it can deliver both. It is noticeable as the shape of the cafe is the double-storey drum shape. A lot of people enjoy night time here everyday, and many of them also love to be taken a photo with the logo of the Hard Rock Cafe at the entrance of it. The location of the cafe is next to beach load and in between North Pattaya and Central Pattaya.
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Baby Dolls A Go Go
The main dancing stage where the girls get down to the music, You won't see girls doing the soft shoe shuffle, our girls really know how to dance. We have a soft stage where the girl will tantalize and titillate you with sexy poses and playful antics, And finally there's the Jacuzzi tub where the girls gyrate to the music whilst getting super sexy in the soap suds. We also have a large screen LCD TV so you don't miss your favorite sports.
Carousel Go Go Club
Carousel Go Go Club is a busy place, with a constant stream of traffic coming off from the equally bustling Soi Diamond. Inside, drinks are reasonably price. Around a dozen girls are on the stage at any one time, dancing to some techno-versions of old classics.
Casino Club Pattaya
Casino Club is Pattaya's exciting new night time entertainment venue. One of a kind, intimate, personal and great fun. Our eclectic mix of music and our extensive drinks menu as well as some serious eye candy and your hosts Tee and Jaep ensure a great night out.
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Catz A Go-Go
CATZ - the FUN bar with the friendliest girls in Pattaya plus great d้cor with ducted aircon, top music played through a state-of-the-art sound system and some of the sexiest showgirls in town.
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Champagne A Go Go
the Milestone in High Class Entertainment in the Heart of Pattaya. Drinks prices are reasonable and music is fairly restrained.
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Classroom 1 A Go Go
The Classroom Bar is the town's premier nightlife adult entertainment spot and, unlike many bars that have since come and gone, has an unparalleled success story. The bar features gogo girls with the most clothes in all of Pattaya. The uniform consists of shirt, bra, substantial skirt and knickers.
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Classroom 2 A Go Go
The Classroom is the longest established GoGo bar in Pattayaland. It's been here for about fifteen years. the theme has graduated from the schoolgirl theme to a slighlty grown up, but never the less more sexy group of staff.
Club Blu Pattaya
Club Blu opened February 2008 and is an exciting new Bar concept to hit Pattaya. Here you will find great company, great girls and a super cool air- conditioned bar. Whether you are alone or with friends you are sure to have a great night at Club Blu. Bar stocks a wide selection of Thai and International drinks for you to enjoy at reasonable prices.
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Club Boesche
Come experience the newest, freshest and most energetic A-Go-Go Club in all of Pattaya. The lights are on, the music is jumping and the energy is electric.
Club Electric Blue Pattaya
Electric Blue is geared towards one thing: having fun. It’s a bright, busy, club with action in every corner. A great layout means there are three levels, each offering their own thing. On the ground floor is the main seating area, with two large tables in the centre and seating around the edges. Drinks are reasonably priced, there’s a giant TV screen that usually shows live football games or other sport.
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Club Mistys A Go Go
Club Misty's Agogo is the perfect place for truly exotic nightlife entertainment. With over 90 beautiful sexy Thai agogo bar girls, combined with a state of the art high tech digital lighting system and amazing sound system.
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Club Oasis Agogo Pattaya
Club Oasis Agogo offers the best of Pattaya. We are drinking, laughing, dancing and partying every night of the week. The website is getting something new every day, so check back often. Get ready for our hot online gallery of ladies coming soon. It's all here for you at Club Oasis Agogo, great music, smooth atmosphere, and incredible thai beauties. Be sure to stop in for an unforgettable evening.
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Coyotees A Go Go
Our club is the brightest star in Walking Street. With our superb lighting, space and sound we are a night club of the highest standard... But better than that!!! We are also the largest Go-Go bar in Thailand with over 80 hand picked hostesses, dancers and showgirls to entertain you.
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Far East Rock
Far East Rock is a pretty popular hangout with the local expats. The ladies are easy on the eye swaying to and fro to a wide variety of rock music. A 21 inch TV with UBC centered in the bar provides an easy access enviroment for the sports lovers.
Happy A Go Go
Happy a go go is one of the elite go gos in Pattaya and for a good reason. It is loaded with hot dancers wearing skimpy white or blue mesh bikinis. The pace is frenzied and the place is chargeg with energy - techno all the way.
The club has a new bar, new floor tiling & upgraded seating, coyotee dancing platforms with laser lighting, new sound system & many other improvements that you must see for yourself.
Hotties Coyote Club
Hottie's Coyote Club, a nice, great entertainment place. With more then 50 sexy dancing coyote Thai girls. Enjoy your time with charming, beautiful, sexy Hottie's Thai girls. A top entertainment venue in the heart of Pattaya City.
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Las Vegas Pattaya
A small but friendly go-go bar that makes it different from the others is that most of its ladies are from Russia. A variety of ladies (there are some Thai here too) put on a show, and a shower cubicle in the corner adds an extra dimension.
Living Dalls
Girls, dancers, waitresses and showgirls are handpicked and represent the most beautiful, fun loving girls, with the biggest smiles that Thailand has to offer. Many valued customers stating that it's shows, costumes and fantastic girls have transformed the Go Go scene in Pattaya.
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Mandarin A Go Go
The Mandarin Club in Pattaya is a quiet place where you can enjoy your free time with beautiful and charming women. Come to visit the Mandarin Club for the most enjoyable time with sensual and beautiful girl escorts.Inside is comfortable seating and an attractive bar area in the distinctive rich red colour scheme.
Model Club
Mannequin show with out any clothes, it does not advertise public admittance and has an admission fee to put off passing trade.
peppermint a gogo
Peppermint a gogo is big and is crowded almost every night. Divided into three areas, First, the centre stage with the gogo girls dancing, some without the top apparel, some with, Second on the left side and is smaller where the girls are less inhibited and lacking any clothings, the last area at all at the other end is a small glass enclosure where there are 3/4 girls who are very inclined to disrobe if you throw tips over the glass enclosure.
Polo Entertainment
The club itself is surprisingly small inside, given the number of girls dancing around outside. A large stage area is the centrepiece and bar stools and small tables are dotted around it. The upside to this is the non-stop action which takes place on stage. The show features a variety of girls and a blend of music, from full-on techno to rock to pop.
Popcorn A Go-Go
A great GoGo bar with friendly dancing girls, they certainly are having a good time here. There's fun every night and the dancers are happy to sit and chat to you. If you want to buy them a drink, that's fine, but none of that "buy me drink" stuff you seem to get in other bars.
Roxy have created and enegetic a go go and show bar in the heart of Walking Street, Pattaya. With exotic dancers and vibrant music, Roxy is the place to come and enjoy the bright lights, music and show in pattaya. Roxy have the best a go go girls, hostesses and showgirls and much more on offer. "Tosy Special Drink" - The drink that people are talking about all around Pattaya.
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Secrets Bar Nightclub
The Secrets Bar & Nightclub is one of the largest and most exciting entertainment places in town. Secrets is what is referred to here as a hostess bar, and has been designed to provide value for money and entertainment of great variety so that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.
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Silver Star A Go Go
Silver Star A Go Go has now re-opened after taking time out for renovation. There is a new design and a water feature of shower cubicle which has the problem of steaming up.
Silver Star 2 A Go Go
There is a central stage with 8 girls dancing. Lots of average friendly girls and lots of customers. The dance music was reasonably loud and selected for the dancers rather than the customers.
Superbaby and Supergirl
Superbaby is one of Pattaya's premier go go bars, definitely in the top 5. Once inside you will see a large stage with plenty of attractive ladies dancing in bra and panty outfits. No lack of eye candy in this bar, plenty of young ladies for your ogling entertainment. Tastefully executed exotic dancing are provided for entertainment. The dancers are very friendly but not pushy for ladies drinks like other go-go's.
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Tahitian Queen A Go Go
Here at TQ Pattaya we pride ourselves on having the best and most varied Rock 'n' Roll music as well as some of the best dancers and staff in town. As soon as you enter, our friendly staff will greet you and, immediately, you will be impressed with the atmosphere that is only found in the TQ Rock 'n' Roll Bar. reasonably priced drinks and they even even provide a menu for the burger lover crowd.
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The Blue Lagoon A Go Go
The Blue Lagoon A Go-Go seems to have improved of late with the addition of a Jacuzzi show, stage shows and some naked table dancing in the corners. The Jacuzzi splits the stage in two and the 4 dancers were doing a bit of a run round between the two halves of the 4 dance set. Another improvement is that some of the girls have been persuaded to dance topless.
The Dollhouse Pattaya
The Dollhouse stacked full of beauties, to our ultra sexy dancers cavortiing right in front of you on Pattaya ‘s longest bar. We have our gorgeous girls, dancing amongst you in all areas of our ample seating.
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The Honey Pot Club
The Honey Pot Club is a break from the hot sweaty environment of Pattaya's night life. We feature a great live band with a popular mix of music along with an extensive drinks menu as well as some seriously sexy eye candy, our service ladies will take your orders and assure you have a great night out.
The Shark Bar and Club Pattaya
The Shark Bar Pattaya is advertised by a huge Shark sign showing the entrance up to a stairway decorated with sea-life. There, a large central dancing podium with comfortable seating around it is filled with several lovely thai go-go girls dancing in short and transparent white bikinis: The best gogo bar in Pattaya.
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The Windmill Club
The Windmill Club has the most comfortable seating in Pattaya and a huge 72 inch screen where we show all the top sporting action, live. Our music policy is funky party tunes and we mix in 70's and 80's throughout the night every night. The girls perform super and erotic features every half hour.
Tonys Disco
Tony's disco is an albino attraction with white walls, white ceilings, and white furniture. Tony's is one of the best-known and oldest establishments in town. Inside there's a pool table, white of course, and finally the main club.
Whats Up A Go Go and Pub
What's Up Agogo is located close to Walking Street. Site offers some images of the dancing girls. Small with a few basic portraits of the girls.
Beavers A Go Go
Beavers is the perfect place to start and finish a tour of some of the 40 agogo bars on Walking Street. Ice cold beer and "smokin" hot young bar girls makes Beavers a must visit.
Lun-La is a famous pub and restaurant, especially for Thai visitors. Lun-La offers great atmosphere with gentle music and attractive decoration, so it is suitable for those who would like to enjoy a relaxing dinner or drink in Pattaya City. There is a variety of dishes and drink, where the price is also reasonable. Not surprisingly, this pub is quite popular. Its location is at the middle of Pattaya Third Road, between North Pattaya to Central Pattaya.
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Barzia Club Pattaya is a new club, just officially open on 1st July 2011. The club is one of the nightlife projects of Pattaya Dragon for replacing Fashion Club Pattaya. As Fashion Club Pattaya, Barzia Club is a complex entertainment, where visitors can find coyotes, concerts, and occasional events inside.
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Fashion Club Pattaya
Fashion Club Pattaya( a part of Dragon Pattaya ) was complex entertainment within the scope of "Pattaya Nightlife Project". Fashion Club was divided into 4 zones for visitors to obtain a variety of experiences there, such as coyotes, a gogos, concerts, and so on. However, at the end of 2010, the club had been closed for maintenance, and eventually it has been changed to Barzia Club Pattaya in the middle of 2011.
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