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Bangkok Shopping Places for Fashion Clothes and Accessories

platinum fashion mall in bangkok
Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

    I’m just a window shopper when walking in brand-name department stores, but I’m a compulsives buyer for cheap and fashionable. One of my favorite shopping places is Platinum Fashion Mall. It’s just right around the corner from Central World, across San Sab Canal to Phetburi Road, known as Pratunam Intersection. Platinum Fashion Mall is packed of small shops selling mostly women fashion clothes, shoes and accessories. Recently, Hundreds of them are available in either wholesale or retail. When visiting this mall, you would be able to notice that there are two different kinds of shoppers – a group of retailers looking for wholesale clothes and a group of regular customers looking for fashion or occasional clothes.

the entrance of platinum mall
The Entrance of Platinum Fashion Mall

shops in platinum
Clothing shops in the fashion mall

Although the product’s price (per piece) is different between retail and wholesale (three pieces or more), most common shoppers still buy just one. Clothes on dressing models shown in front of the shops can help customers picture how they look when wearing the clothes.

Please remember that most shops here usually don’t let you try on, no fitting room, no return and also no refund, unfortunately. Therefore, making sure that the clothes fit you well. In my opinions, for new shoppers or whoever not in Thai standard sizes, if I were you, I would measure my body size carefully before go shopping here.
Although Platinum Fashion Mall is opened from 9 am to 8 pm, but the best time is around 11 am as many stores opens late.

fashion-clothing shops in Platinum
Fashion-clothing shops in Platinum

colourful bags in Platinum
Colorful bags in a shop at Platinum Fashion Mall

shoes shop at fashion departmentstore in bangkok
Fashion shoes in this mall

Another place that I would like to recommend is just the area opposite to Platinum Fashion Mall, called Pratunam Market. It is covered pretty large area around Amari Watergate, Indra Regent hotel and Baiyoke tower. Outdoors shops and street venders, especially, in front of Bai Yok tower are mostly wholesale shops which opened from 5 am until 2 pm. However, after 10 am some products might have already sold out. To shop here, if you buy low-cost products in bulk, it costs only about $3-$4 per piece and sometimes you can also get mix colors and styles of clothes.

shoping area at prutunam, bangkok
Walkway in Pratunam shopping area

various products at pratunam
Various fashion products at pratunam

shopping area in front of Biyoke Sky Hotel
Shopping area in front of Biyoke Sky Hotel

Biyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok
Biyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok Thailand

For someone who loves cheap products, please check product quality and compare the fabric and materials before you get it because you cannot return or refund for the products.

The cheaper is great, but not always.

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