Pattaya Land

The Land Offering Both Girl and Gay Coyote Clubs

PattayaLand is 3 Sois (adjoining lanes) from Pattaya Soi 13, close to Walking Street in Pattaya. 2 out of 3 sois, Soi 1 and 3, offers mainly gay clubs, whereas the other soi, Soi 2, presents girl clubs as the majority as the other places. From the beach road, there are only the entrances of PattayaLand 1 (Soi Pattaya 13/3) and PattayaLand 2 (Soi Pattaya 13/4). For PattayaLand 3, it is required to access from approximately middle of PattayaLand 2.

In Soi PattayaLand 1 and 3 there are a plenty of gay clubs, including go go clubs, so these 2 sois are also known as a gay community in Pattaya City. You can see lots of gay visitors and male dancers, some with topless for showing their muscles, in all of gay bars in these areas. Note that there are also a few girl clubs in these areas as well. Note that there are also gay clubs around Pattaya City, but not clusters together as this area.

On the other hand, Soi PattayaLand 2 (13/4) offers girl bar, night clubs, and go go clubs as the majority (only a few are gay clubs in PattayaLand 2). Some of famous clubs in this Soi are Babbles, Classroom, Mistys, and Rodeo. The bar signs in PattayaLand 2 are also well presented, so this street is quite beautiful at night.
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