Gay Clubs in Pattaya

The Gay Friendly Community in Pattaya

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Pattaya is definitely a gay-welcome city in Thailand as there are a variety of gay scenes such as gay bars, gay events, transvestite cabaret theaters, and so on. You can find a place for gays all over Pattaya, including Jomtien area, but there are two major areas in Pattaya that can be seen as gay community because of the clubs are placed together.

One of them is Boyz Town where it is situated at Soi Pattaya 13 (PattayaLand 1 and 3), whereas the other area is Sunee Plaza (a little quieter), which is not so far from Boyz Town, approximately 10minites by walk. In fact, Soi Day/Night is also one of gay areas that several guy clubs are located in. However, this sort of clubs is wide-spread around Pattaya, so you can find it almost anywhere in Pattaya, but it is just not located together with other gay clubs – one famous of the high class gay club is NAB Club Pattaya, which is loacated near Soi 6.

Just as common night clubs in Pattaya, there is a change of gay bar and clubs in the city over time. It can be either a gay club closed down or new comer joining to establish and offer new gay venues with different activities for visitors to enjoy.

In the case of gay tourists, Pattaya is also a very interesting place because you can employ a gay friend of yours as a personal guide while staying in Pattaya. However, you also need to make sure that the guide you choose is the one you can trust.
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