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Most foriegn tourists know that Bangkok is a heaven for shopaholics. There are a lot of shopping areas offering a wide-range of products in cheap price. However, Because of hot weather in Bangkok, to shop in shopping centers would be a significantly interesting choice. Most popular department stores visitors and shopaholics usually get around are situated in the center area of Bangkok -Phatum Wan District, where such department stores are MBK Center (Mah Boon Krong Center), Siam Paragon, Central World and Platinum Fashion Mall. Although these shopping malls are in the same area, they target different group of customers by offering different types of products. Note that, BTS Sky Train could be the most convenient transportation for visitors to get around these malls.

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MBK Center (Mah Boon Krong Center) is one of oldest famous shopping complexes in this area, and there are over 2,000 shops selling a great variety of products inside. Products for both ladies and men are provided from head to toe such as, hats, scarves, clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and also products for travelers like, suitcases, leather products, souvenirs, dried food, dried fruits, jewelry and gold. In addition, on the fourth floor (pretty popular), there is a big market for IT products, Mobile technology, new phones, used and phone accessories. Because most shops in MBK offer products with considerably inexpensive price, it can catch the attention of any shoppers who won’t mind no-name products. Those who would like to buy something in Bangkok should come to check the low-rates goods here before going around Bangkok.

However, low-cost and bargain products could affect their qualities and materials used. Products sold in MBK Center are mostly no return or refund, so please check price and product qualities carefully before buy it!

Its location is just next to BTS Sky Train, National Stadium Station.

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Siam Paragon is one of newest and most luxury shopping mall in the area. If you are crazy about brand-name products, you can find them here – Hermes, Louis Vitton, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Efsan Loran and even world attractive car brands like Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari. Siam Paragon will blow your mind away. Additionally, for visitors who enjoy reading books or who are looking for international books, in this luxury department store, there are two large international book stores – Kinokuniya and Asia Book offering interesting books in English, Japanese and Thai.

Siam Paragon is connecting directly to BTS Siam Station.

Central World Plaza is another popular shopping center in Bangkok because it is one of largest lifestyle plaza and complex in Bangkok. After a recent renovation, Central World not only is a large shopping mall, but also is the most remarkable place for festival seasons in the capital city in Thailand, including the largest New Year Count Down in Bangkok. In this mall, there are both boutique shops and premium products provided for any class of people. Check it out!

Central World is located near BTS, Chidlom Station. Though, visitors will also need to walk about 200 meters to get to it.Note for brand obsession shoppers, nowadays, credit card could get you everything you want. Don’t spend it all in one place!

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Platinum Fashion Mall is the most popular place to shop fashion clothes in Bangkok. Tons of small shops selling fashion clothes, shoes and accessories (mostly for women) are a major reason to attract guests all over the country (and foreign visitors who know this place).  Without a doubt, every stylish woman in Thailand knows that Platinum Fashion Mall is a must-visit choice when going to buy fashion clothes in Bangkok.   

Please remember that most shops here usually don’t let you try on, no fitting room, no return and also no refund, unfortunately. Therefore, making sure that the clothes fit you well. In my opinions, for new shoppers or whoever not in Thai standard sizes, if I were you, I would measure my body size carefully before go shopping here. Additionally, clothes on dressing models shown in front of the shops can help customers picture how they look when wearing the clothes.

Platinum Fashion Mall is just right around the corner from Central World, across San Sab Canal to Phetburi Road, known as Pratunam Intersection (get off BTS at Chidlom Station and walk pass Central World to the corner. The fashion mall will be there). Note that, although Platinum Fashion Mall is opened from 9 am to 8 pm, the best time is around 11 am as many stores opens late.


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Recently, a lot of shops in Platinum fashion Mall also offers wholesale products to attract a group of retailers who are looking for wholesale clothes or a person who would like to buy several clothes at once. In general, to buy at least three clothes in the same time, customers can negotiate for a special discount. Therefore, try asking for a special price if you buy more than three pieces from the same shop.   

Another place (not shopping mall) for fashionable clothes recommended in this area is just opposite to Platinum Fashion Mall, called Pratunam Market. It covers pretty large area, around Amari Watergate, Indra Regent hotel and Baiyoke tower. Outdoors shops and street venders, especially, in front of Bai Yok tower are mostly wholesale shops which opened from 5 am until 2 pm. However, after 10 am some products might have already sold out. To shop here, if you buy low-cost products in bulk, it costs only about $3-$4 per piece and sometimes you can also get mix colors and styles of clothes.
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