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An Easy Way for Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Overall Information

In the case that you would like to go from the center area of Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the main international airport in Thailand, by yourselves, Airport Link is a very interesting and reliable choice. It is fast and inexpensive too. If you have never got on an Airport Link even once, let’s see the steps of using this kind of service below.

Note that, Airport Link is, in fact, similar to BTS Sky Train in Bangkok, so those who have tried catching on the BTS would be able to use Airport Link easily. There is also the connection point between BTS and Airport Link at BTS Phaya Thai Station. However, the service of Airport link is not as frequently as BTS Sky Train.



Steps of Using Airport Link Service
First of all, after arriving at a station of Airport Link, we need to buy a ticket at any ticket machine available in the area. The machine is presented with touch screen function, so you can use your finger to select menu according to the step order.

1. Select destination station (Of course, choose Suvarnbhumi Airport, in this case).
2. After choosing the destination, we have to select the number of ticket we would like to buy (from 1-5). This will help visitors to buy tickets quicker than one by one.

3. Then, the machine will calculate the sum of price that you have to buy on the screen. You can pay for the tickets by either notes or coins. When the machine is able to accept notes, it becomes more convenient than BTS because we do not have to queue for change notes to coins for using the machine. The price from Phaya Thai to Suvarnbhumi Air port is about 45 Baht (if you prefer Express Line, the train will become quicker, but more expensive also).

4. After paying for the ticket, you will receive token(s) for getting inside the station area for getting a train to Airport Link.

* Note that, you need to pay attention on touching steps because you might choose the wrong destination.


After having a token, we can use it by touching at scanning token area at its gate. Then, the gate will open for you to walk inside (similar to MRT Underground Train, if you have travel by it before). Inside the area, you will noticeably see an area of Express Line zone, but if you buy the ticket for City Line, you will have to walk to upper floor to wait for the train. In the area, there is a clock to tell you how long for the next train (every 15 minutes, in general).

Inside the train of Airport Link is similar to BTS Sky Train. There are seats on both side of the area, where a walkway is in the middle (the walkway is just large enough for luggage, so backpackers can also use the airport link for sure.)

After arriving at the destination station, we will have to use the token at the gate again, but this time we have to insert the token into the gate instead of touching it (just like returning the token into the system).


There is one thing that travelers should know about. When transfer from Airport Link to BTS Phaya Thai Station, the stairs down to the lower floor is not an escalator and the elevator is also a bit small. Those who have a big luggage will have to carry it from upper floor to lower floor yourself. This would be what Airport Link has to improve for make visitors more convenient.

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