"A lot of visitors would like to enjoy beaches, but still a lot of visitors would like to enjoy various kinds of plants, green forest, waterfall and wildlife. "

Kanchanaburi, or Muang Kan for short, is a province on the west of in Thailand, where it is a place for enjoying natural atmosphere. This province is not too far from Bangkok, only about 129 kilometers or about two hours by car. Not surprisingly, it becomes so popular for both foreign visitors and local residences.

As recently more and more visitors have known that Kanchanaburi offers either one day trip (from Bangkok) or a long trip towards visitors, it becomes even more popular than it was.  Those who would like to get away from Bangkok to release their stress in a natural attraction at Kanchanaburi for a day trip. On the other hand, it is also obviously that a number of backpackers who like adventures are steadily increasing. Moreover, with development for tourism, Kanchanburi now is easily accessible. Many destinations have already been connected to a street.

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