How to get to Rayong

Several options available towards visitors

Overall Information about Rayong transportation

To get to Rayong, there are several choices available for visitors. The main and also most popular choice is definitely to transfer to Rayong by public bus.  Since Rayong is a regional hub for transportion, there are public buses going to Rayong available from all over Thailand, Bangkok in particular. Metered taxis from Bangkok are also available for the most convenient option, but pretty expensive though. Those, who stay in Thailand but far away from Rayong, can take a domestic flight to U-Tapao airport, an aieport on the east, not far from both Rayong City and Chonburi City. Unfortunately, there are no trains to Rayong, so it is impossible for anyone who would like to experience from travel by train here. Well, let see all those options in detail:

By First Class Air-Conditioned Bus

Bangkok-Banphe Rayong Bus

First class air-conditioned bus is what most visitors take to Rayong.  This is because visitor can take a bus from Bangkok and a major city at either the north or northeast of Thailand. The first-class buses from Bangkok, at the east terminal named Ekamai, are available more than the other places, every about 40 minutes, from early morning 4 AM till 10 PM.  However, there are also second class air-conditioned buses available here, which are not recommended to visitors because it will take a lot more time.

Note that, at the present, mini buses or vans have become more popular for a vehicle to transport. In some case, even though visitors buy a ticket at the official counter, they will need to take it if there are not many passengers at the departing time. The ticket officer will inform you beforehand. Additionally, Mochit 2 is also another place to take a first class bus. 

* In the case you are not familiar with Bangkok, to go to Ekkamai is much easier than Mochit 2 because you can get to Ekkamai Directly with BTS (Sky Train) and get off at Ekkamai Station, but to go to Mochit 2 you need to go to Chatuchak Station first and then catch a taxi or motorbyte taxi to go to mochit 2. Ekkamai also has public buses to Ban Phe.

Ekkamai Earntern Bus Terminal (Yellow Color) from BTS Ekkamai Station (Blue Color)
From Ekkamai
From Mochit
 Bus options 1st Class 1st Class
 Time 04.00 – 21.30 04.00 – 19.00
 Departure Every 45 minutes Every hour
 Contact Number +66 (0)-2391-2237
+66 (0)-2712-3662
+66 (0)-2936-1216
 Fare (approximately) 142 Baht 148 Baht


By Car


To travel to Rayong by car is perhaps the most popular choices by Thai travelers, especially from visitors nearby and Bangkok. It not only is a quick and convenient way to travel to Rayong, but it is also a great chance to travel around the province of Rayong easily.

For foreign visitors, they can also do the same as native visitors by taking a rental car, available throughout the country, including Bangkok. However, they should study routes to go to and travel around Rayong, because of convenient and safety.

Let’s see how many routes available for going to Rayong (the route information provided is not all routes, but the easieast way for newcomers):

Route 1: Bangkok – Chonburi – Bangsaen – Sriracha – Pattaya – Sattahip – Rayong
When driving from Bangkok to Rayong via Sukhumvit Road, you will pass major seaside destination, Chonburi city, Bangsaen, Sriracha, Pattaya, Sattahip and then Rayong. Although this way is the longest way to Rayong, you will have a chance to look around major cities before arriving in your destination. Note that, in each city, there are a few intersections with traffic lights.

Bangkok to Rayong via Sukhumvit

Route 2: Bangkok – Rayong (Motorway and highway no.36)
Get to Rayong via the Motorway (highway no.7), this is perhaps the most convenient and shortest way from Bangkok to Rayong.  When driving along this street, you will need to turn left to highway no 36, just before arriving in Pattaya. Then keep going straight on, you will end up at Rayong automatically. By using this street, you can avoid several traffic lights in the cities.

Bangkok to Rayong via Motorway


Route 3: Bangkok - Banbueng – Rayong (Klaeng district)
When you drive from Bangkok and arrive in Chonburi, you need to turn left to Banbueng district, via a highway no.344 (known as Banbueng district, Chonburi – Klaeng district, Rayong). Just go along this street, finally you will be in the city of Klaeng. Anyone who would like to go to Laem Mae Phim Beach, one of famous Rayong Beaches, are reccommended to go on this way. 

Bangkok to Klang district, Rayong


By Plane


If you stay at somewhere in Thailand quite far away from Rayong, such as Koh Samui or Phuket, there are domestic flights from Bangkok Airways always ready to serve you. This domestic flight will transfer you to U-Tapao Airport,  Sattahip Chonburi, about 50 kilometers to Rayong City. Note that there are no domastic flights from Bangkok to U-Tapao Airport.

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