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Overall Information about Rayong Beaches

laem maephim beach, rayong

As Rayong located on the shore of Thailand gulf, there are several beaches in this province. Of course, some of them become much more famous than the others, and due to its fame, there are a lot of visitors go to enjoy them.  The following are the famous beaches in Rayong:

Three Major Beaches in Rayong
To start with three most popular beaches in Rayong - Mae Ram Phung Beach, Saunson Beach, and Laem Mae Phim Beach - these beaches are so famous that tourists, especially Thais, who come to visit Rayong for the first time, will go to one of the beach. As becoming popular beaches, these beaches are definitely able to offer what visitors needs such as adequate water activities and seafood restaurants.  Oh the other hand, with this comfort, not surprisingly, the beaches become the first choice from visitors. 

Mae Ram Phung Beach
Mae Ram Phung Beach is one of famous beaches in Rayong, where it is white sandy and the longest beach in the province, approximately 12 kilometers long. Pine trees along the beach area are naturally decorative spots making the beach more shady and attractive. Not surprisingly, lots of visitors usually come to relax and picnic here. There are also many restaurants and street stalls near the beach. It makes this beach living. This beach is looked after by Khao Laemya National Park, located nearby. This beach is not far from Rayong City since it is only about 11 meters from the city. However, there is a warning for swimmer about current rip here.
Suan Son Beach
Another famous beach in Rayong is Suan Son Beach, meaning pine-tree garden beach. According to its name, you can definitely imagine that there will a lot of pine trees at the beach. Of course, it is. There are pine trees along the beach road, where some part of the road are even covered with pine trees in both sides. This means that the beach is famous for a chance of enjoying the beach and relaxation under the shade of the trees at the same time. This is the reason why tons of tourists, especially on weekend, come to visit this beach. The beach is also long enough for visitors to find either comfort or quiet spots. This beach is located near Ban Phe.
Laem Mae Phim Beach
Laem Mae Phim Beach is one of three most popular beaches in Rayong Province. However, rather than located near Rayong city, this beach is situated in Klaeng district. Before say no to this beach because it is not close to the major city of the province. This beach is actually interesting for a number of tourists, including foreign visitors. White-sandy beach, a plenty of seafood restaurants, and activities here attract visitors to enjoy and stay in this long beach, approximately 10 kilometers long, more and more. Visitors can also hire a three-wheel motorcycle, not Tuk Tuk, to travel around Rayong province easily.
saengchan beach, rayong

Other Interesting Beaches

So far, that’s all about the most popular beaches in Rayong. Now let's see what alternative choices for Rayong beaches are. One of them will definitely be Saeng Chan Beach, the closest beach to Rayong town. For another one, three beaches situated in the same area, Bangchang District, will be introduced.

Saengchan  Beach
Saengchan  Beach is the nearest famous beach from Rayong city, located about 6 kilometer far from the city. The name of this beach, "Saengchan  Beach" meaning moonlight beach, comes from its identical. This beach is quite different from many other beaches because the appearance of the beach is like a lot of small moon crest connected together.  The seawater is clear and the water is not deep, suitable for playing with the water near the shore.  It is also not difficult for visitors to find a beachfront luxury hotels, seafood restaurants, and bars. In short, this will be one of most interesting place in Rayong for those who would like to sunbath and enjoy swimming in front of a luxury hotel. Note that, it is not recommended for swimming when the beach is windy though.

namrin beach, rayong

Nanrin Beach, Phala Beach, Phayun Beach - Trio Beaches in Banchang District
In Banchang area, Rayong province, there are three beaches located not far from one another. These 3 beaches are Phala beach, Phayun Beach and Namrin Beach.  All beaches here are quite peaceful as a little far from Rayong city, but there are still local visitors come to enjoy time to time though, approximately 32 kilometers. While the beaches offer similar atmosphere toward visitors, Namrin beach, which is a recently introduced one after the others, seems to be more interesting. The area along the beach is more decorative. It is provided with several resting spots for visitors to take a seat enjoying sea breeze. Plus, there is also a public park next to the beach so that visitors can have more activities to enjoy with their kids. Industry scene is also applied here, in the park, for either day time or evening time.

Quiet Beaches

For anyone who loves to take a rest in non-busy area, there are two recommended places that can respond to what they love. These two spots are private beaches in Suan Wangkaew and Ao Khai Beach.  These two places are a bit far away from Rayong City, as they both are situated in Klaeng District and not far from a popular beach, Laem Mae Phim.

wangkaew beach, rayong
ao khai beach, rayong
Suan Wangkaew Beach
One of most interesting beach in Rayong would be Suan Wangkaew Beach. This is a private landscape allowing tourists to visit with very cheap entrance fee.  In the area of Suan Wangkaew, there are several beaches to enjoy. A lot of trees decorated in the area are also attractive enough to make natural atmosphere. It can be one of great beaches for those who would like to enjoy their holiday with a quiet place in Rayong. However, someone might argue that on weekend there will be a lot of visitors come by. It is true, but, in that case, the major beaches in Rayong will be so crowded. Note that, there are not any 24-hours convenient stores like Seven Eleven in the area.
Ao Khai Beach
If you are a fan of private beach, where not so many visitors go to enjoy, Ao Khai can be one of an excellent choice. This is because this beach presents a great white-sandy beach with just one restaurant and a few accommodations. Compared to those all the beaches on the main land in Rayong province, the sand on this beach seems to be more attractive than the others. It is genuine white-sandy beach, just like what you can see on Samet island. Visitors usually come to sunbathing on a beachchair here. This beach is also not far from Laem Mae Phim beach, so take a few minutes from there by a vehicle if you are looking for a non-busy beach.

These are all interesting beaches on the main land of Rayong province. However, there are also a number of beaches on Samet Island and Kon Mun Group Islands for visitors to take pleasure in.  Note that, while Rayong beaches are beautiful with long sandy beach and clear water, in a windy day, it is really not recommended to go swimming.

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