Saengchan Beach

Saengchan Beach is the nearest famous beach from Rayong city, located about 6 kilometer far from the city. The name of this beach, "Saengchan Beach" meaning moonlight beach, comes from its identical. This beach is quite different from many other beaches because the appearance of the beach is like a lot of small moon crest connected together. The seawater is clear and the water is not deep, suitable for playing with the water near the shore. It is also not difficult for visitors to find a beachfront luxury hotels, seafood restaurants, and bars. In short, this will be one of most interesting place in Rayong for those who would like to sunbath and enjoy swimming in front of a luxury hotel.

There are several luxury accommodations in the area. Almost all of them also come with a great opportunity to see a beautiful scene of the sea at the beachfront. Plus, the beach is also connected to the area, called by locals as Laem Charoen, which is a village of fisherman that a lot of seafood restaurants are available.

Somebody misjudge that stone barriers on the sea for something made for unique scene in this area. However, stone barriers in the sea at this beach are in fact for reducing the strong level of beach scouring. Some locals said that without these barriers, the present seaside road of this beach would have disappeared already. Note that, it is ok to go swimming in this beach, but it is still not recommended for swimming when the beach is windy though or swimming near the barriers.

Saeng Chan Beach is really easy-access beach in Rayong . From the downtown area, visitors can just drive to the direction of Ban Chang District via Sukhumvit Road. Then, there will be a sing to inform about turning left to Saeng Chan Beach. After making the turn, just go straight on until facing the beach.

Note that, there are also two attractions near by, Phra Chedi Klangnam Rayong and Sky view tower.



Attractions Nearby
Far from here about: 0.8 km.
* not length from the street
One of most well-known Buddhist structure is Phra Chedi Klang Nam, meaning the stupa in the middle of water. It is in fact the stupa built on the isle at Rayong river mouth. Rayong's most impressive Buddhist temple can be found on an island in the middle of the Rayong River. In the past, this 10-meters-high stupa was also a landmark to indicate sailors as a sign arrival in Rayong City. There are mangrove forest covering this location, where mangrove learning center is also available here for tourists to visit after having a look at the stupa.
Far from here about: 1.3 km.
* not length from the street
Sky view tower is an interesting place to visit in Rayong as visitors can see panoramic view of Rayong river and mangrove forest at the top of the tower. Not only the tower itself is interesting here, but the walkway is also fascinating with a plenty of mangroves, where the great natural atmosphere and an opportunity of exploring mangrove ecology are provided. The wonderful natural area like this is rarely seen even in Thailand, so when coming close to this area, don't hesitate to visit this sky view tower. It's really worth visiting and no fee of charge at its entrance at all.
Far from here about: 4.9 km.
* not length from the street
Yomjinda Walking Street is one of most interesting places in Rayong. It is a great place to explore old architecture of Rayong city. Not just the architecture, this old street is also set up to present activities by locals, such as traditional foods, fair trade crafts, music, dance, and shadow puppets. When running by the community, the atmosphere of the street here becomes even more antique. This night market is worth visit, so if you have a little free time at night near downtown of Rayong, don't forget to spend your time here.
Far from here about: 4.9 km.
* not length from the street
Koh Kloi Market can be seen as either an attraction or interesting market in Rayong. This market provide atmosphere of how a market in the community in the past is. Buildings are decorated with antique style – small wooden row houses along a pond. This market is also good for take a seat and relaxed for a while due to smoothly air flow. This market is also a place for interesting products such as antique items and hand-made accessories. There is also a food zone to support visitors.
Restaurants Nearby
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