MRT Underground Train

Quick, comfortable and Cheap Underground Train

Overall Information of MRT

MRT is a popular public transport in Bangkok. It helps people living in this complex city to saving more time on traveling around. Fast, cheap and convenience is definitely an interesting choice in Bangkok.

MRT comes with easiness of use. Those who have never caught an MRT can try using this underground train without any confusion even for their first time. Using MRT is not much different from BTS, the sky train in Bangkok, just a little difference about getting in and out of MRT system. To be clearer, the followings are information helping newcomer know about steps of using MRT system.

There are two kinds of MRT tickets – token and card. Token is suitable for those who do not have a plan to use MRT frequently, while card is for those who travel with MRT commonly (price per trip is cheaper, but the deposit is needed for taking a card. More information about MRT ticket types):

Routemap of Bangkok MRT Underground Train


How to Use MRT Underground Train in Bangkok


- To use MRT underground train, it is certain that visitors need to get down to the underground, at a location of any MRT stations is.

- When going down until facing the ticketing area, there are two options to buy a ticket – buy it from an MRT officer or from a ticket machine.

* In the case of visitors are newcomers, to buy a ticket from officer would be a recommended choice since it is easier, it can avoid making a mistake, and the officer can provided additional information needed also.  Just tell them a destination. Give the money. Take a token returned. Only one drawback of this is that at a busy time visitors might have to wait for the queue longer than buying from the machine.

* In the case of ticket machine, it is also not difficult to get a ticket.
> Select a destination on the screen, which is touched screen function. The screen will then show the price of the ticket.
> Give money into the machine. This machine can take either Thai notes or Thai coins.
> Take the token and changes (if any) from the machine.


- At the gate to get inside MRT system, use the token to touched on an area provided. The gate will then open for getting inside.  

- After getting in MRT System, walk to the platform at a below floor. There are usually two sides for the platform – one is to go to Hua Lamphong, the other is to go to Bang Sue. Look at on a sign around the area the make sure which side is the right way for the destination. There are also several screens to show advertising and the time left for the next train (at the corner).
- In the underground train, similar to BTS sky train, there are seats provided on both sides, route map above each door, and advertising screen that can indicate which the next station will be. However, one major thing different from BTS is there is no view while travelling in the underground train. Everything between stations outside of the train is really dark.


- After getting out from the train, make sure that it is the right destination by looking at the name of the station because it is still alright to change to any other station without paying more money (as long as we are still in MRT system). If it is sure that this is the right destination, just get to upstair to walk out from the system. Note that there are maps of the station location to see where the exits provided for this station are.

- It is a little different from coming in the system. At the gate to get out from MRT system, instead of touching, there is a slot to insert the token into the gate. After putting the token into this lot, the gate will keep the token and it will open to walk out.

- Then just walk to the exit on the ground.
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