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Overall Information about Suphattra Land

suphattra land, rayong

Suphattra Land is a well known botanical garden and fruit orchard located around 18 kilometres from Rayong Town. This Paradise on earth is a fruit lover’s delight and is spread across an area of 800 rais which is the equivalent of around 320 acres. One half of the area contains the rubber tree garden, the grape garden and orange garden. The other half is a garden dedicated to growing a variety of tropical fruit trees. Presently there are around 20 different types of fruit bearing trees. The great layout allows Suphattra Land to separate its fruit section while making it a star attraction in the agricultural tourism niche.

Visitors can not only get first hand information on a variety of trees and fruit but can experience the goodness and rich taste of freshly picked, tree-ripened fruit, choosing from the fruit on display or by picking the ripest fruit straight off the trees. Visitors may attend the demonstration explaining how bees make honey and can buy some absolutely pure honey as well. Suphattra Land is the ideal destination for all nature lovers where they can enjoy the experience of being in the lap of nature.

Places like Europe in the past had places where you were permitted to walk through fields gathering strawberries as many as you wanted. It was a great time to either eat strawberries or fill your empty basket with tons of strawberries.While ventures of this kind have lost its sheen in those places, Thailand offers an entirely new concept promoting much more than mere berries. Suphattra Land is home to a wide selection of fruit including a mix of the more commonly known fruit like pineapples and bananas and the more exotic fruit like the durian and many others which are rarely seen in your country.

The concept of Suphattra Land is very simple – take a drive through the fruit laden orchards and eat as much of the fresh fruit growing there. You can savour the taste of lychees, custard apples, rose apples, rambutan, mangoes, longons, grapes, coconuts, etc. that grow on the vast estate. Though the principal reason for setting up the place is to supply fresh fruit to shops and markets, the idea of giving visitors an opportunity to learn about Thailand’s rich wealth of fruit is really innovative.

Getting around the fields in open-sided trams is a pleasant trip. The tram driver is unfortunately not well-versed with the English language, making it difficult to understand what he is trying to explain. However, the nurseries and hydroponics greenhouse are structures which most people will readily recognise.

Buffet stop over in Suphattra Land

The trip includes three stops during the Suphattra Land trip that permit visitors to enjoy the buffets in Suphattra Land:

Rambutan Buffet
The rambutan garden, which covers an area of around 30 Rais, is the first stop along the Suphattra Land trip. The visitors can alight and go around the garden, picking rambutans from the trees. The less adventurous persons can eat from the neatly arranged pile of luscious rambutans already picked from the garden. Rambutans are a seasonal fruit which ripen from April to May and therefore, this stop over is made only during this season. Visitors should eat reasonably keeping in mind that there are another two buffet stops ahead.

sunthorn phu

Additional information about durian
Durians are best known for their overpowering odor. The strong pungent smell ensures that the fruit is not allowed in most of the hotels. The durians in Suphattra Land are kept on display in bamboo baskets without cutting them. Once you take your pick, expert carvers cut through the spiky exterior to get at the yellow edible portion of the fruit. The soft, spongy and moist texture couple with the strong odor is not to everyone’s taste. However, the crisps made from fried durian are a real treat.

sunthorn phu
Somtam / Papaya Salad

Various Fruit Buffet
The main feasting site, with many tables laden with a variety of freshly cut fruit is the next stop on the trip. Visitors can go around and pick fruit as per their choice. No sooner do the visitors devour the tantalizing fruit on the table, the many efficient workers around the place quickly replenish the containers. There is also a large screen containing information on the locally grown fruit, which is very informative and is presented in English.

With various fruit, the star attraction is the durian, also known as the king of fruit. Another one is Sao-wa-rot, an unusual fruit worth seeing. On first glance, it looks like a shiny tennis ball contains black sugar-coated seeds which can be eaten using toothpicks.

The buffet is unlimited meaning that visitors can eat as much fruit as they want to. However, fruit is also available for sale at the visitor center for those who would like to carry some fruit home. Other fruit-based products like drinks and candies are also sold.

Organic Vegetable Buffet
Thais and visitors looking to savour local delicacies will definitely look forward to the third and final stop. Almost all farms in Thailand grow papaya which also is the main ingredient in the popular local dish, called Som Tam. As the tour nears its end, visitors can get a taste of this famous spicy salad, which is made from only the freshest unripe papaya. In addition visitors can enjoy fresh grapes and salads made from organic vegetables.

There is a restaurant at the place where the visitors alight at the end of the trip. However, the wisdom of having a restaurant at this location is rather difficult to fathom. This air conditioned restaurant serving great food caters to the needs of anyone who would still like to eat something more after having their fill of fruit. The facilities are well maintained and the restrooms are kept clean.

Note that, the location of this fruit farm is probably its biggest drawback as it is away from the well known cities in Thailand. Accessing the place from Bangkok is much more difficult than it is from Pattaya which is much more convenient. In spite of the difficulty in getting there, the experience on visiting the place makes it worth the efforts. Visitors are also well advised to travel to the place on a light stomach as a visit to the place comes with a 'eat to your fill' offer on many varieties of fruit. The months of April and May are the ideal time to visit Suphattra Land. A visit to the place at the right time, when all the fruit is ripe, will make the visit unforgettable. However, there are also fruit arranged for visitors throughout the year, so you can visit there any time if you want to.

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