Samae San

Samae San is a fishing village at Sattahip for decades. Between seashore and a group of islands there is a small channel that a ship can go through the shore, called Chong Samae San, where it is habitation of fish. For this reason, Chong Samae San is a popular place for tourist to go fishing. However, the group of islands is taken cared by the marine of Thailand in order to preserve and maintain natural resources. The location of Samae San is approximately 45 Kilomaters from Pattaya.

There are a pack of small islands located near Samae San seashore, so it occurs Chong Samae San (a naturally little channel) for Ship transportation. This group of islands also block undercurrent from the depth sea, so it is a great place for marine animals to live, and it is therefore suitable for fishermen to do their job. Not surprisingly, more and more fishermen go to live there until it has becomes a large fishing village.

As the areas of all islands are looked after by marine, there are no any citizens living in the island. For this reason, natural resources at Chong Samae San and the islands are still sufficient. However, visitors are allowed to land to some specific areas of islands at the day time. This is why Chong Samae San is also popular for visitors.

At the Samae San Village there are a number of jetties. Every jetty is quite busy in early morning because fishing ships go to wharf it. Visitors also go to buy fresh seafood with cheap price. Additionally, there is rental fishing equipment available in the village, including boat, and there are also many accommodations available for visitors to stay.

As Samae San is located in Sattahip, it is a bit far from Pattaya. Visitors who do not own their vehicle should hire a metered taxi to be there. On the other hand, those who have a private vehicle can go along Sukhumvit Road to Sattahip and looking for a sign to go to Samae San.



Attractions Nearby
Far from here about: 4.8 km.
* not length from the street
Nang Ram Beach (Nang Rum Beach / Hat Nang Ram) is the most popular beach in Sattahip, because not only are there enough facilities and restaurants supporting visitors, the beach and sea water, taken care by Thai Navy, is also really beautiful. Only for Thai visitors, there is a giant war ship, named Chakkri Naruebet, look around as well. Also, not far from the Nang Ram beach, visitors will be able to see a small island, where it is a place for seeing shallow coral reefs around, but visitors are not allowed to visit the island itself. The location of Nang Ram Beach is near Jook Samet Port, Sattahip.
Far from here about: 5.5 km.
* not length from the street
Sea Turtle Conservation Center, Sattahip, Thailand, is one of interesting attractions around Pattaya and Sattahip. When visiting this place, visitors will get knowledge about sea turtle life and Different types of Thai sea turtles. There is also a few turtle ponds for visitors to see turtles in different ages. Outside of the building, there is a small beach set up and a turtle statue for taking a photo, but visitors are not allowed to go swimming there. The location of this Sea Turtle Conservation Center is in the area of Air and Coastal Defend Command, Sattahip.
Far from here about: 7.5 km.
* not length from the street
Dongtan Beach is an interesting beach for those who are looking for a quiet beach in Sattahip. There are a plenty of high sugar palm trees along the beach (and other types of trees), so it is suitable for those who would like to picnic there. Although there are not many visitors here, there are still restaurants, small shops, and toilets available. Additionally, if you are keen on sailing a sailboat, this is a great place for it because there is a sailing club at this beach. Visitors can take a course from it as well. Dongtan beach is in the area of Royal Thai Fleet, Sattahip.
Restaurants Nearby
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