Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach (Hat Sai Kaew) is one of popular beaches in Sattahip. There are a lot of people visiting this place. This might be because from Pattaya city it is the nearest navy beach in Sattahip area. It would suit those who would like to see different views when visiting Pattaya. This beach is located in the Chumpol Sattahip Naval School, so the beach is also taken care by Thai navy. The length of Sai Kaew Beach is either not too short or not too long. There are a few restaurants and small shops available at the beachfront. Additionally, the charge of entrance fee is 80 baht.

Sai Kaew Beach was officially introduced in Jan 22th, 2003. This area of this beach had been developed for the purpose of tourism. Because of this, currently, either Thai or foreign visitors can enjoy the beach every day. The beach is about a kilometers long. There are shallow coral reefs, beautiful beach, and plenty of trees around it. Visitors who are after a quiet and natural beach attraction would also be appreciate it.

Although this beach is the newest beach in Sattahip, there are lots of tourists visiting it. You can see foreigners sunbathing there, while local Thai Visitors prefer to picnic there. And because there are so many people, expenses for cleaning and supporting are required. Therefore, the charge of entrant fee is about 80 baht. Those who would like to stay here for a night or more can book for a room as well. Note that the price for food, drinks and snacks, are a little more expensive than standard, though.

As just mention, the location of this Sai Kaew Beach is in the area of Chumpol Sattahip Naval School, but you might ask how to go there? In that case, you can go there by driving from Pattaya City to Sattahip through Sukhumvit Road. After passing Pattaya Floating Market, Nong Nooch Junction, and Bang Sarey Junction, respectively, you will see a junction for the Chumpol Sattahip Naval School on the right hand-side.



Attractions Nearby
Far from here about: 5.9 km.
* not length from the street
Bang Saray is one of attractions in Chonburi that is renowned for a quiet beach, seafood restaurants, and fishing. On the south part of Bang Saray, there is a fishing place as the level of the sea is deep enough. On the other hand, the beach is located on the north part of Bang Sarey. In other words, it is an alternative place for tourist to enjoy some rest peacefully. There are also accommodations available so it is not difficult for visitors to find a room to stay. Visitors might need to hire a metered taxi or Song Taew to go to Bang Saray as it is far from Pattaya about 16 Kilometers.
Far from here about: 8.7 km.
* not length from the street
Hat Toei Ngam (Toei Ngam Beach) is one of most beautiful beach in Sattahip, not far from Pattaya. This is because the beach is looked after by Royal Thai Navy. There are lots of rows of toei trees (Pandanus kaida Kurz), and the seawater is crystal clear. Apart from that the gradually slope of the beach is perfect, so it is a great place for bringing your kids to enjoy swimming here. There is a resort and a few restaurants available around the beach as well. The location of Toei Ngam Beach is in the Navy Headquarter, near Sattahip City.
Far from here about: 9.9 km.
* not length from the street
When talking about beautiful botanical gardens, Nong Nooch is one of them as it not only is a largest one in Southeast Asia (approximately 600 acres), but also is the most beautiful one. In Educational point of view, Nong Nooch is a place collecting a variety of rare plants from different countries, and also collecting local as well as aquatic animals. Additionally, in Nong Nooch Pattaya, visitors can see performances of spectacular elephants, and Thai cultural shows, where the shows are performed 4 times a day. Nong Nooch is located at just 10 minutes by car from South Pattaya.
Restaurants Nearby
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