Khao Khieo Sun Nork Wua

Sun Nork Wua Green Mountain (Khao Khieo Sun Nork Wua) is one of great attractions for challengers. They have to climb up for approximately 10 kilometers to get the highest point of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy beautiful panoramic view. Those who would like to have an adventure trip will definitely enjoy challenging his experience. This attraction is located in the north of Khao Laem National Park.

Sun Nork Wua Green Mountain is the highest mountain in the province of Kanchanaburi, approximately 1767 meters from the sea level. The forest in the area is in the great condition to provide living area for wild animals and a various kinds of flowers and trees. The word "Sun Nork Wua" comes from the appearance of mountain peak that look like backbone shape of cows (Wua means cow).

Sun Nork Wua Green Mountain is an attraction that welcomes visitors to come to challenge, but visitors who want to visit here need to contact an officer of the park in order to lead visitors to the camping area on the mountain. To start the journey, visitors will be taken to the starting point by car, and after that visitors need to walk to the camping point for about 9 kilometers, approximately 7 hours in general. It is almost impossible to make a round trip in one day, so visitors need to stay over a night on the mountain.

To go to Sun Nork Wua Green Mountain, visitors need to go to Khao Laem National Park in order to contact the officer, so visitors can take a VIP Bus or mini bus from Kanchanaburi bus terminal in the city. The bus will go to Sungklaburi, but visitors can get off the bus at this national park on the way. Those who come from Bangkok can also take a first class bus (Bangkok – Three Pagodas Pass) from Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit), 5 AM or 6 AM.



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Far from here about: 5.7 km.
* not length from the street
Khao Laem National Park is a great place to take some rest with natural atmosphere, such as breathtaking and swimming at the dam. Visitors can also see fascinating sunset view at Pom Pee in the park area, which is known as the best to see sunset view in the western of Thailand. forest area is also a good place to absorb natural atmosphere while staying in Khao Laem National Park. This national park is situated in Thong Pha Phum district, Kanchanaburi.
Far from here about: 6.6 km.
* not length from the street
Pom Pee View Point is a great spot for visitors to see beautiful scene, where many people believe that it is the most beautiful place to see sunset view on the western of Thailand. Quietness surrounded and the large water scene of Vachiralongkorn Dam with mountains on the background attracts a number of visitors to enjoy visiting over time. In the winter, visitors can also experience foggy atmosphere in the morning, which similar to some great attractions in the north of Thailand. Pom Pee View Point is located within Khao Laem National Park, Thong Pha Phum district, Kanchanaburi.
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