Thong Lang Beach

Ex-popular beach on Koh Larn

Detail of Thong Lang Beach (Tong Lang Beach)

Thong Lang Beach is located the north part of Koh Larn island, next to Tawaen Beach, so visitors can still be able to see the activities on Tawaen Beach. From the beach, visitors can clearly see Koh Sak (Sak Island). Therefore, visitors can also have opportunity to coral reefs as there are a plenty of shallow coral reefs available. There is a restaurant available at this beach, and the staffs will ask if visitors want to go to see the coral reefs.

In the past, Thong Lang Beach is as popular as Tawaen Beach. Unfortunately, the connecting way between these two beaches has been broken, and this makes people go to Thong Lang Beach more difficult. It could be one of the reasons why Thong Lang Beach becomes less popular. Recently, this beach can be seen as a quiet beach in Koh Larn.

If visitors go to this beach by a motorcycle, it will be a small street down to Thong Lang Beach. It is impossible for a car to get into this street. At the end of the street, visitors can park their motorcycles, and steps down to the stairs, approximately 50 meters to the beach.



Attractions Nearby
Far from here about: 0.8 km.
* not length from the street
The beauty of Tawaen beach is so attractive that this beach recently becomes the most popular beach on Koh Larn. Atmosphere of this beach is not different from Pattaya Beach, where tourist can enjoy a number of beach activities, such as sunbathing, banana boats, Jet Ski, and so on.
Far from here about: 0.9 km.
* not length from the street
a Yai Beach is so small that visitors can walk from one side to the other side within five minutes. The beach is pretty quiet as not many tourists visit this place, and there is only one shop available here. The seawater at this beach is really beautiful and clear. There are also several cays on the coast, but visitors are still able to enjoy seawater. No accommodation available at Ta Yai Beach at all.
Far from here about: 2.1 km.
* not length from the street
Tien Beach is a quiet beach on Koh Larn, so it would be suitable for shy visitors who feel uncomfortable with many people. The beach is 500 meters long. There is a long bridge from the car park to the beach. It is quite beautiful though. Apart from non-noisy environment, there are also a number of fish around cays, so visitors will see some people to go fishing there. In the evening, visitors can also see beautiful sunset on horizon here.
Far from here about: 2.3 km.
* not length from the street
Samae Beach is quite long beach, approximately 700 meters. Although it is not as long as Tawaen beach, its atmosphere is similar to Tawaen beach because there are a number of tourists visit this beach. Currently, environment of Samae Beach has been better developed, maintaining the street, growing trees, and establishing a public park, for example. Visitors can take photos with environments, rather than just the beach. Personally, we think that this beach is very interesting as it is beautiful, its atmosphere is good, and the activities are also provided.
Far from here about: 3.2 km.
* not length from the street
Nual Beach is a non-noisy beach on Koh Larn. There are a lot of reefs on the beach, so visitors who go swimming there would not like it, although there are always staffs going to clear dangerous reefs out of the beach. However, western visitors who enjoy quiet environment still often go to sunbathe at Nual Beach. On the beach, there are camp beds under umbrella and without umbrella provided. A little out of the coast, there are also shallow coral reefs for visitors to see.
Far from here about: 9 km.
* not length from the street
A well known tourist place in Pattaya is Pattaya park due to offering a set of activites such as Sky Shuttle, Speed Shuttle and Tower Jump. In particular Tower Jump, it is one of the most interesting activity because not only can you see a panoramic view from the highest of the Pattaya park tower, but you can also try jumping to the ground by the activity program.
Far from here about: 9.2 km.
* not length from the street
It is accessible by an asphalt road, which leads up to the hilltop. Khao Phra Bat Pattaya is now the site of the Naval Radio Station where the monument of Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, the Father of Royal Thai Navy, is situated. A sacred Buddha image is also enshrined on the hilltop. The viewpoint on the hilltop offers a panoramic view of Pattaya City and Pattaya Bay.
Far from here about: 9.4 km.
* not length from the street
One of most tourist spots in Pattaya is Wat Phra Yai (Or Big Buddha Wat). This is because the image Buddha is so huge. Visitors usually come to see how huge it be and also pay respect at the image Buddha. Some visitor hit the bells, around the hill, from the start to the end because they believe a lot of good things will happen to them after doing so. The location of Wat Phra Yai is on the hill near Suan Chaloemphrakiet and Wang Sam Sian.
Far from here about: 9.4 km.
* not length from the street
Wang Sam Sien is a place in pattaya presenting the collection of Chinese antique works, such as statues from Chinese history and stories of the 24 gratitutes. Visitors can enter Wang Sam Sien everyday with free of charge. There is also a garden presenting natural atmosphere. There is a restaurant for serving tourists as well. The location of Wang Sam Sien is on Pattaya hill very near Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha).
Restaurants Nearby
Far from here about: 8.5 km.
* not length from the street
At Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, there are various styles of restaurants to support different types of visitors and hotel customers. International restaurants, buffet restaurant can also be found there. Furthermore, there are a famous underground wine cellar with dining-in facility that houses an amazing selection of over 1000 wine labels and the Breezeo, new chic and trendy al-fresco beach venue, offering commanding views of the sea; and of stunning sunsets. The location of Royal Cliff Hotels Group is just next to Pattaya Hill.
Far from here about: 8.6 km.
* not length from the street
Bali Hai Sunset Restaurant is a spectacularly designed restaurant in Pattaya, underneath the concept of white dome appearance. The restaurant offer both Thai and International dishes, where it taste is also great. There are many seats offered at an outdoor wooden deck, which customers would enjoy seaside view, and sunset in the evening. In other words, the restaurant can definitely offer very romantic sense towards customers, especially a couple. Bali Hai Sunset Restaurant is also located in a great place because it is near Pattaya Walking Street but in Bali Hai area .
Far from here about: 9.8 km.
* not length from the street
Sketch Book Art Cafe is a soft restaurant in Pattaya that is designed with different style from other restaurants. This is because it is the art-gallery cafe. Customers of the cafe can experience drinking or eating in the middle of art furniture. There are also different flowers and plants grown around the cafe. This makes the atmosphere more natural and attractive. There is also Free Internet WiFi offered here. So, it is a great place for relaxing in Pattaya.
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