Comsaed River Kwai Resort

Comsaed River Kwai Resort is like a house in countryside area providing relaxing and non-busy atmosphere. With the combination of green area in the resort and Kwai Yai River passing through the resort, this place can be a good choice for nature lovers. This resort is not too far from the city as well.

Comsaed River Kwai is a large resort, which covers an area of about 40 acres and offers 91 luxury rooms. There are flower gardens surrounded the guest-rooms area so that guests can walk around to absorb natural atmosphere in the area. The river's bank is also set as a beach for guests to walk towards the river, and this place can be seen as a relaxing spot in the resort.

For the houses, there are houses for the view of river and the view of mountain for visitors to select. The house is large enough for a group of guests, while there are also 2-storey houses for a large group. The amenities are provided as in the hotels, so air conditioning, water heater, television and refrigerator will be set in the house.

Those who would like to enjoy massage can go to spa, while swimming pool is also available for relaxing in fresh water. Restaurant, café, and souvenir corner are also available in the resort.

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