Boutique Raft Resort

Boutique Raft Resort is one of recommended resorts in Sai Yok district, Kanchanaburi. It offers either rooms on the mainland or rooms with full facilities on the raft. The latter is more popular since guests can have interesting experience on a floating house and can enjoy swimming in the Kwai River in front of their room. Most of Thai and foreign visitors usually come to this place to enjoy new experience.

Boutique Raft Resort is not a large resort and there are only 12 rooms offering to guests. In the resort, there are several relaxing spots surrounded with trees and some spots also have a swing and hammock. Not far from the resort area, there is a rope bridge which is popular for visitors to jump into the water, so it might be another fun activity here.

Boutique suites are room available in the mainland building for those who prefer to stay on the ground rather than on a floating house. It is moderate size and neat and clean decorated. For rooms in the floating raft, it is decorated in hut style, there are also facilities provided – air conditioning, fridge, water heater, towels, soup and shampoo. (No television though.) There are life jackets provided for every guest in the room, so they can enjoy swimming without any worried.

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Far from here about: 2.5 km.
* not length from the street
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