Wat Wang Wiwekaram

Wat Wangwiwekaram is known locally as Uttama Temple. It is the most important temple in Sangklaburi district, so either local residences or Thai visitors always come to respect to a famous previous abbot (and temple founder), named Uttama. This place becomes more an interesting place for visitors when there is a ceremony in Mon style, because the ceremony will be performed here. The location of this temple is in Sangklaburi district, where local residences lives surround the temple.

In the past, there was the first Wat Wang Wiwekaram not far from this temple. Unfortunately, the government dam project was the reason to make not only the temple underwater, but the whole city. After the evacuation, with the need of temple for the community, the temple was rebuilt again on the hill, which would prevent the problem of increasing level of the water. Then, the temple has been Wat Wang Wiwekaram as we can see at the present.

In the temple, there are a few important structure and buildings that can amaze visitors. The first one is Prasat Kaw Yod, which was built to keep the body of Uttama abbot inside. It was carefully built with Unique Mon Style, and nine-tier top style. The second one is marble Buddha image hall that enshrines Marble Buddha image, 9 tons weight, in the attitude of Subduing Mara. It was built in Burma in the order of Uttama abbot, and from the beginning to completely build this Buddha image, it took about an entire year. Similar to many other temples in Thailand, another important building in this temple is ordination hall, which is the location of religious ceremonies performed.

To visit this place, visitors do not need to pay for entrance fee. To go to this temple or Sangklaburi, visitors can take a VIP Bus or mini bus from Kanchanaburi bus terminal in the city. Those who come from Bangkok can also take a first class bus (Bangkok – Three Pagodas Pass) from Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit), 5 AM or 6 AM.


Attractions Nearby
Far from here about: 0.8 km.
* not length from the street
Phra Phuttha Khaya Chedi is an important pagoda in Sangklaburi, situated near Wat Wang Wiwekaram and the river. It is a giant golden pagoda, which can be seen from far away. Because of holy relics kept inside the pagoda, there are a lot of visitors come to pay respect to wish for good things in their life. This pagoda is also a center to perform ceremony and festivals, such as Songkran Festival, in Sangklaburi area.
Far from here about: 1.3 km.
* not length from the street
Underwater Temple is one of most interesting attractions in Kanchanaburi because this attraction is really different from many others. The temple ruin is under the water, where normally we can see only the topmost of the bell tower. Visitors can take a boat to see the ruin in the water, but if they visit this attraction in summer season, March – April in Thailand, the water is dried enough for visitors to walk inside the building to see how it is.
Far from here about: 1.5 km.
* not length from the street
Wooden Mon Bride is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. This bridge is like a landmark of Sungklaburi district. Visitors would be amazed from how beautiful this bridge is, and it can become more remarkable when knowing that the bridge was built by the collaboration of residences in this area. When staying here for a little, visitors can also see how Mon people live. This attraction is located in Sangklaburi district, which is next to the west border of Thailand.
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