Pha Sawan Waterfall

Pha Sawan Waterfall is a very fascinating waterfall. Although it is situated deeply in the forest, there are visitors try to get to this water fall from time to time. It can be a challenging goal for any adventure visitors who would like to go hiking (or trekking) in the forest. However, this waterfall can be the most difficult to get to because the track leading to the waterfall is very rough; an unmodified 4WD vehicle might not be able to go along the route easily, especially on rainy season.

Pha Sawan Waterfall is situated in the area of Pha Sawasn Park Renger, in Khuan Srinakharin National Park. The water source is from Kala mountain range flowing on the west through this waterfall, and then towards Pha Tad Watefall. Pha Sawan Waterfall is completely surrounded with tropical forest, where it will take approximately 40 minutes to get to the top tier waterfall.

Pha Sawan Waterfall is t-tier waterfall. Each tier has named according to forest picture in a literature, Than Sawan, Ang Kinari, Ang Tham Kaew, Pha Khon Tan, Pha Theppabut, Pha Phirun and Pha Sawan, respectively. At low level waterfall, its fall flow smoothly to the shallow pond, but from the fifth one to the topmost tier, the fall strongly flows from higher and higher cliff. At the topmost one, Pha Sawan, the fall flows from about 80-meters-high cliff, which is really outstanding scene for visitors to memorize.

There are not many facilities in the area, so visitors should not expect to see shops or restaurants closing to waterfall area. Visitors are recommended to bring food and water by themselves. There is only a camping area for visitors, were from this spot, visitors need to walk about 1 kilometer to reach the first level waterfall.



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Far from here about: 4 km.
* not length from the street
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Far from here about: 8.7 km.
* not length from the street
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