Prasae Estuary

Prasae River Mouth is an interesting riverfront village in Klaeng District, Rayong. The community here is recently developed with ideas for attracting those who are interested in how locals live. Visitors can explore this village and area around by themselves or activities created for tourism. Seating on a three-wheeled motorcycle to look around how people live next to the river, how fascinating to take a boat looking fireflies at night, how golden mangrove forest is like, how peaceful beach here can be, and how an old battleship in Thailand look like. Not surprisingly, this place is a worth-visiting one in Rayong.

In the area of Prasae River Mouth, there are several popular spots to visit. The first one is a cape, called Laem Son. This is a view point next to the sea. Visitors can chill around with cool breeze under pine trees or at the public park in the area. Another interesting spot is a really large tree, named in Thai as Ton Takien, which is Hopea Wood in English. This tree is about 400 years old. Locals and Thai visitors usually come to respect this tree as for the belief of earning good things in the near future. Another place is Krom Lung Chumporn Ked Udom Suk Pavillion, which is deeply respected by mariners. Battleship is also an interesting place to visit. Its area is also close to the beach so visitors can spend some time for relaxation there.

This memorial battleship is what people in the community feel a great sense of pride. This is because the community is a part of setting this battleship in this area. The ship was at first located at Sattahip, Nava Base of Thailand, and residences in Prasea Community urged to bring the ship here. The reason why locals requested this ship is because the name of the ship is Prasae, the same as this community. The ship is 92.8 meters long and 11.5 meters width. On some special days, visitors are allowed to enter the ship for have a look.

Golden mangrove field is also an interesting spot to visit in Prasae. It is a chance for visitors to see panoramic view of the mangrove. One last thing which is also recommended for most visitors is to take a boat along Prasae River at night because there are a lot of fireflies in around.

To go to the community of Prasae River Mouth, visitors need to drive from Rayong city to Klaeng District via Sukhumvit Road. After arrival in Klaeng city, go a bit futher on the same road, about 10 kilometers, and then turn right to Prasae.



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Far from here about: 1.4 km.
* not length from the street
The Golden Mangrove Field covering an area of 2,400 acres is perhaps the largest single mangrove plantation in the province of Rayong. The mangroves are home to a variety of sea and aquatic life including crabs, fish and shrimp and provide many locals their means of livelihood. The area has also been developed to promote eco-tourism in the Pak Nam Prasae town in Rayong.
Far from here about: 9.4 km.
* not length from the street
If you are a fan of private beach, where not so many visitors go to enjoy, Ao Khai can be one of an excellent choice. This is because this beach presents a great white-sandy beach with just one restaurant and a few accommodations. Compared to those all the beaches on the main land in Rayong province, the sand on this beach seems to be more attractive than the others. It is genuine white-sandy beach, just like what you can see on Samet island. Visitors usually come to sunbathing on a beach chair here. This beach is also not far from Laem Mae Phim beach, so take a few minutes from there by a vehicle if you are looking for a non-busy beach.
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