Koh Mun Nork

Koh Mun Nork is one of interesting islands in Rayong. This island is a private island that allows visitors to visit, and it is a great destination for those who are after a peaceful and impressive place. Visitors can enjoy both beautiful beach and natural atmosphere of the jungle. Diving to see coral reefs are also what most visitors usually do. Visitors are required to stay overnight, if they want to visit this island. Therefore, make sure to make a reservation beforehand.

Koh mun nork is one of three islands from Mun Island Group. This island is the most far from the mainland. The location of this quietly beautiful island is about 11 kilometers away from Laemtan Pier on the main land, Klaeng district. This island is a small one, which covers just an area of approximately 95 rais (36 acres). On this circle shape island, visitors can find a lot of interesting spots. The middle area of the island is jungle, while on the eastern area is a beautiful white sandy beach. Coral reefs can be found around the area of the island also.

However, facilities on the island is limited for both fresh water and electricity. Therefore, visitors are only able to use electricity 2 PM – 9 AM.
As this island is a private area, it seems to be more secure than any popular island. Another good reason is that natural resources can be maintained easier than any massive-tourism island.There is only one resort available on the island and it is also lack of some standard facilities, compared to most hotels in Thailand. Visitors need to take everyday-using products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and towels. The room also doesn't have TV and water heater. By the way, it can be a chance of experiencing to truly stay in the island.

To go to Koh Mun Nork, visitors need to book a room from the resort first. After that, visitors can go there by a ferry at Laem Tan Port. The ferry departs only once a day at 1 PM. It will take visitors to the islands directly. Note that, if you have a private car, you can park at private car park at the port. It will cost 100 Baht a day.

Koh Mun Nork Resort Contact: +66 (0)-2860-302507



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Far from here about: 3.4 km.
* not length from the street
Koh Mun Klang is an attractive destination, especially for those who are after a plain natural island to stay. There is a clean and beautiful white-sandy beach for visitors to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Accommodation provided on this island is provided in hut style next to the beach, so visitors can enjoy the beach in an instant. Natural atmosphere and coral reefs can be presented towards visitors as well. Visitors can also have a look at shell farm or take a rental kayak to go around the island. There is also an interesting area to see a little separated sea. It is a recommended spot for visitors.
Far from here about: 4.9 km.
* not length from the street
Koh Man Nai is an interesting island in Rayong. Visitors can enjoy their trip with natural atmosphere, several beautiful beaches, and turtle conservation center. Those who love coral reefs also have a chance to see it around Naban Beach. This island is the largest island in the group of Koh Mun islands and is the second largest island in Rayong. It is also not far from the main land, only approximately 5 kilometers away, so it doesn't take much time to be impressive fresh air on the island.
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