Golden Mangrove Field

The Golden Mangrove Field covering an area of 2,400 acres is perhaps the largest single mangrove plantation in the province of Rayong. The mangroves are home to a variety of sea and aquatic life including crabs, fish and shrimp and provide many locals their means of livelihood. The area has also been developed to promote eco-tourism in the Pak Nam Prasae town in Rayong.

As you enter the forest, the mangroves with their exposed roots extending towards the forest floor catch your eye. A variety of mangroves can be seen within the forest. What remain unseen are the various creatures that live in the depths of this forest. The forest is home to birds, crabs, lobsters, mudfish and a variety of other living creatures.

The main attraction of this forest is Tung Prong Thong which is the Thai way of describing a golden field. At this location you are surrounded by a particular variety of mangrove which has yellow and green leaves. The scene reminds you of an impressionist painter’s canvas. The bright sun shining through the leaves makes them shine with a bright yellow hue which brings joy to anyone in its vicinity.

After passing through the yellow mangroves, the path continues for another kilometer taking you to a waterside pavilion. Visitors can enjoy a well deserved rest, enjoying the freshness of the clean forest air. However, the garbage strewn around the place is an eyesore that spoils the beautiful forest view.
The walk along the forest trail will reveal the rich flora of the area. For those who want to know more, display boards have been set up to provide more information about the eco-system.

The more adventurous visitors can rent out long-tailed boats to cruise along on a 20 minute ride through the mangrove forests. Many rare birds can be sighted on the trip.

A night cruise along the Prasae River, where beautiful fireflies can be seen, is highly recommended. People who intend to spend more time in this place can also visit the local Pak Nam Prasae community to get a first-hand experience of their way of life.



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