Keeree Tara Restaurant

Keeree Tara Restaurant is a famous restaurant next to Kwai River, not far from River Kwai Bridge. The restaurants' reputation is from both outstanding view and great food offered. Visitors can also see the sunset in the evening. At night, customers can enjoy folksong under soft lights in the restaurant. It is a great place for anyone who after a romantic restaurant in Kanchanaburi.

Keeree Tara Restaurant is decorated in Balinese-Thai style. It is large and divided into a few areas with different atmosphere. One of them is an area inside the building. Another area is next to the river, where customers can enjoy riverside scene and the view top of River Kwai Bridge. The last area is very popular – open-air raft. Customers can feel gently breeze from the river in this area and they can also see River Kwai Bride clearly.

Keeree Tara Restaurant offer a variety of food, but recommended dishes are Peanut and dried seafood salad, Fried golden mushrooms, Dry curry Kang fish, Cashew, Tara Sauce and so on. Customers can also feel impressive when the ordering dishes have been served, since each dish here is also well decorated before serving. Note that bakery and cakes are available here, so it can also be seen as a choice for being dessert after the main food.
Keeree Tara Restaurant is situated only about 50 meters far from River Kwai bridge, so tourists who visit the bridge can walk to this restaurant.

Open Time: 11 AM – mid night.
Address: 431/1 River Kwai Road, Thamakham, Muang, Kanchanaburi.
Tel: +66 (0) 8-7415-8111, +66 (0) 34-624-093



Attractions Nearby
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* not length from the street
River Kwai Bridge is a must-see place in Kanchanaburi because it is the bridge coming with the history during World War II. It becomes famous because there is a book, named Bridge over River Kwai. Although there is nothing much to see, but it has been the landmark of Kanchanaburi. Anyone who come to kanchanaburi always has a photo with the bridge.
Far from here about: 2.7 km.
* not length from the street
Don Rak War Cemetery is situated next to Highway number 323, not far from Kanchanburi Train Station. This cemetery, known by local residences as "Pha Cha Angkrit", is constructed on the area of about 7 acres, after the Second World War. The war prisons who died during the construction of the Death Railway at that time were buried here. There were in fact about 7,000 dead bodies in the cemetery.
Far from here about: 4.2 km.
* not length from the street
JEATH War Museum is an attraction located next to Wat Chaichumpol Chanasongkram (Wat Tai), Kanchanaburi city. It is not a large museum and it presents the story of difficult living of war prisons who was forced to build the Dealth Railway.
Restaurants Nearby
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The Floating Restaurant not only is a famous restaurant, but it is also situated close to River Kwai Bridge, a popular attraction in Kanchanaburi. Visitors can enjoy beautiful scene of River Kwai Bridge in the restaurant. This is why it is one of most scenic restaurants in Kanchanaburi. At night, visitors can earn romantic atmosphere from lights decorated in the restaurant as well. Waitresses and waiters here wear traditional Thai clothes in order to provide Thai atmosphere towards foreigners.
Far from here about: 1.8 km.
* not length from the street
Boonnum Kaengpa Restaurant is another restaurant famous with hot and spicy dishes served. It can well suit Thai customers and those who like spicy food. Spicy ingredient used in this restaurant is own produced by the restaurant, so it can serve strong flavoring dishes towards customers. Although this restaurant is not located in the city center area of Kanchaanburi, there are a number of visitors come to have a taste at this restaurant time to time.
Far from here about: 3.3 km.
* not length from the street
Sabaijit Restaurant has been one of famous restaurants in Kanchanaburi for a long time. Although this restaurant atmosphere is not as outstanding as some famous restaurants in Kanchanaburi, those who like dim sum and Chinese food usually mark this restaurant as their favorite. It is also not difficult to find since the restaurant is situated in the city center of Kanchanaburi.
Far from here about: 3.9 km.
* not length from the street
Thammachart Restaurant is a famous restaurant providing many delicious dishes for customers to have a taste. This restaurant also offers many dishes that are unable to be found at other restaurants in Thailand. The restaurant is surrounded with a number of trees so that customers can feel great natural atmosphere while they are eating.
Far from here about: 4.4 km.
* not length from the street
Thai Saree Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Thai Saree Hotel. Both local residences and visitors know well about this restaurant because it has opened for about 40 years already. With quality food materials and delicious taste, it can be a showcase restaurant in Kanchanaburi. Currently, there is also a branch of this restaurant on a raft.
Far from here about: 4.4 km.
* not length from the street
Sun Heng Restaurant is the place producing original non-noodle Pad Thai in Kanchanaburi. Those who know what Pad Thai is will be in doubt about non-noodle Pad Thai, and when they visit Kanchanaburi, they almost always visit this restaurant to try it. Its taste is also great enough to make customers to come again. For foreigners, Pad Thai can be found anywhere, even in their countries, but this special Pad Thai would be something new to taste.
Far from here about: 4.6 km.
* not length from the street
Krua Chukadon is a famous restaurant in the city of Kanchanaburi. From more than a decade ago, customers come to this restaurant more and more because of words of mouse about its delicious taste. The location next to the river can produce good atmosphere, while food price is also inexpensive even for Thai customers.
Far from here about: 5.6 km.
* not length from the street
Ob-Oon House is a famous bakery shop in the city center of Kanchanaburi. Customers often come here to have cake or bakery and chill around with free WiFi provided. Ice-cream, coffee, and soft drinks are offered in the shop. Those who would like to have a lunch in this shop can also order a meal as well. This place can be seen as an interesting place for relaxing and eating something not too much in Kanchanaburi city.
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