Nang Kruan Waterfall

Nang Kruan Waterfall is a beautiful attraction surrounded by various kinds of trees. It is a great place for relaxation and a camping in the area natural surroundings. This waterfall has 7 levels, where water from the topmost flowing down level by level. However, not all level of the fall opens to visitors, but only the first 4 levels.

Nang Kruan Waterfall is also known as Thung Nang Kruan Waterfall. It is situated at Nang Kruan village, Thong Pha Phum district, in the area of Lam Khlong Ngu National Park. This waterfall is quite large and flows water throughout the year. The water source is from a large brook that was joined between Thong Pha Phum brook and Chaei brook. Although there are 7 levels for this waterfall, visitors are allowed to visit just the first to the fourth levels.

Walkway in this waterfall is surrounded with a diversity of flowers and trees, so it can be a good place to educate more about plants. The third and fourth-levels of the waterfall are more beautiful. Visitors are able to see the fall flowing from about 30 meters-high cliff. Note that, to walk from level 1 towards level 2 is not difficult, but to walk to the upper level is not that easy; some area visitors need to walk into the water and need to walk more carefully.

Nang Kruan Waterfall is situated in Lam Khlong Ngu National Park. After arriving in the spot to pay admission fee, visitors still need to drive for about 1 kilometer towards camping area. Then, need to walk about 700 meters to the waterfall.



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Lam Khlong Ngu National Park is a natural area, which contain fertile forest complex in the Tanaosri Mountain Range. There are caves, waterfalls, and a diversity of flowers and trees. Those who would like to take some rest in the middle of natural area will enjoy visiting attractions in this national park. However, some attractions can be seen as challenge destinations, especially caves, which suit only adventure visitors who never mind to climb a little climb and jumping into ponds during the journey.
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