Apple Stores in Pattaya

Where to buy Apple Products in Pattaya, Thailand

Overall Information about Apple Stores in Pattaya

Nowadays Apple devices become so popular. It not only come with advanced technology but it also come with beautiful design as always. Apple devices in Thailand are also as popular as all over the world. Everyday there are lots of people visiting stores selling apple devices - iphone, ipod, macbook, mac pro, ipad, ipad mini, ipad air and so on. When anything become more popular, there are also more sellers at the same time. This is a reason why it is not difficult to find an apple store in Pattaya at the present.

Compared to the past few years, currently there are many more stores in Pattaya for Apple fans to find a new devices just introduced by the Apple Company. A few year ago, there is only one apple store in Pattaya, which is the iStudio at CentralFestival Pattaya Beach. Today, not only iBeat, a shop selling products for apple devices only, can become an alternative choice for customers, but there are some more several stores in major department stores in Pattaya to look for popular Apple products as iPhone and Ipad.

Products from stores standing in these department store are certainly not copied products, as long as you buy in a real shop, not from a stall in TukCom Pattaya (the opied ones would be offered in special price also). However, apart from iStudio and iBeat, the stores usually sell products from different brands - Samsung, Nokia, HTC, HP, ACER and so on. Therefore, those who would like to touch more products can visit these kinds of shops.

For those who enjoys only Apple devices, as mentions before, iStudio and iBeat would become the favorite stores in Pattaya. But it doesn’t mean that you these two stores are the only choices available in Pattaya or Thailand. Some people also look around or buy products at Online Apple Store as well (the products can be returned depending on its own conditions). Some Thai customers recommend this way because of better customer services, they claimed.

Note that iStudio and iBeat are not Apple Dealers but the resellers. There are actually no Apple Store in Thailand at the present. Apple Store Online is the only one choice for those who want to buy from Apple Store.

There is also an important information to inform anyone who would like to buy a product(s) from Apple. No matter where customers buy the product, they don’t need to worry about how to claim the products, as long as it is not a copied one, because customers can claim at the same place, Apple Authorised Service Provider. The Provider is available to support customers at 25 spots in Thailand, 2 of them in Chonburi Province (Tukom Chonburi City, and TukCom Pattaya). More information about this at

Apple Store in Pattaya
- iStudio at CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, 3rd Floor.
- iStudio at Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya, 1st Floor .
- iBeat at TukCom IT Center Pattaya, G Floor.

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